My best friend Ayako and I, Machadango, was invited to a project ‘Pampering moment during travel’ by Japan’s major cosmetic company The SHISEIDO Group's high-prestige brand clé de peau BEAUTÉ and BEACON KYOTO. We visited clé de peau BEAUTÉ SALON on 9th floor of JR Kyoto Isetan to receive SYNACTIF standard treatment.

Text & Photo: Machadango

Thank you for sparing some time out of your private trip. I’ve always admired your fare and resilient skin. You must take a good care of your skin every day.

I do make it a point to do a good care that suits the age. The importance of skin care, moisturizing and sebum balance is increasing as I age.

I had not been so keen of skin care, not even using a lotion. But ever since I moved to Kyoto and starting to realize myself aging, I began to search for a proper skin care.

clé de peau BEAUTÉ SALON in JR Kyoto Isetan

It was my first salon experience. Do you go for salon treatment occasionally?

Not so often. About twice a year. I won’t call myself a skincare professional, but this treatment refreshed my whole body, not just a normal care. I had not been so fond of beauty oil, but this experience go interested in it.

I was also thrilled to feel my skin condition actually improving with that oil. I had been having one of the worst rushes these couple of days. It’s a pity they are not offered for sale.

My first salon experience was such a relaxing moment. I cannot compare with other salons but how did the SYNACTIF standard treatment feel for you Ayako? Any difference between other salons?

First of all, it was the most comfortable bed ever.

Salon room that treatment is carried out.

The European treatments focuses on face, but here at clé de peau BEAUTÉ, they also took care of other parts as well. This was a happy surprise to me.
It was good to receive skin check before the treatment. They will chose the most suitable treatment according to the condition. They also gave lymph care in addition to moisturizing. There were a bit of pain involved but at the end, all felt so refreshed.

Counseling room to check the skin condition

Guest can try out the clé de peau BEAUTÉ cosmetic products at the makeup room afterwards.

I enjoyed trying out many products. I even bought the newly launched limited series on the spot.

All in all, clé de peau BEAUTÉ SALON gave me a great satisfactory in terms of both service and facility.

The gypsum mask as a totally new experience for me. I felt like being prepared for a movie in Hollywood, but it felt warm and relaxing.

I agree! I’ve had gold leaf, herbal and some white jelly masks, but gypsum was also my first experience!
I was initially a bit worried about putting gypsum on my face but they actually put plenty of SYNACTIF creams first.

The cream penetrates into the deep layers of skin as the mask warms the face.

My skin was amazingly rejuvenated. I still felt it when I put on some powder the next morning.

It was a great chance for me to refresh myself during my trip. Thank you very much. I could love to be back at one of clé de peau BEAUTÉ SALONs again.

I also enjoyed this Japan-made gorgeous treatment. Thank you, too. I appreciate Ayako for taking you time to join me here.

clé de peau BEAUTÉ SYNACTIF products

There are 5 clé de peau BEAUTÉ SALONs in Japan. Visitors can purchase all of their products that is sold in the market, for duty free. Please stop by at JR Kyoto Isetan 9th floor that just beside the Kyoto Station.

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