Jizo-in Temple

Peaceful and calm time with a beautiful autumn tints at Zen temple retreating from the hustle and bustle.

Text : Hiroko Konishi


  Take no Tera Jizo-in Temple is not on a main sightseeing route in Arashiyama and Sagano area, but because of it, you can enjoy a beauty of Zen temple in a quiet place. Jizo-in Temple locates at very close to Saiho-ji Temple (Koke-dera Temple) which is registered as World Heritage Site and they are the same Rinzaizen sect as well as Koke-dera Temple. Muso Kokushi is the founder and their principal image of Buddha, Jizo Bosatsu for pregnancy and smooth delivery, was created by Dengyo Daishi monk. It is also well-known as Master Ikkyuu from Japanese cartoon ‘Ikkyu-san’ who trained himself in his childhood.

  When you walk through in a bamboo forest lasting toward the end of the main temple, you will understand why this temple is called ‘Take no Tera’. Greenish bamboos has some dignified atmosphere and the cool music coming from bamboo leaves and a breeze in Kyoto rubbing each other. This is the place you suddenly stop yourself to feel a beauty of nature using five senses fully through your body.

  Usually, this Jizo-in Temple is covered up with a number of bamboos, but when the autumn season comes, it will have autumn tints colors everywhere. You will not have any other words but saying ‘amazing’ when you see the gorgeous scenery of golden-brown maple trees welcoming us at the front gate. Since you are going to be surrounded by bamboo forest, it is more like yellow than seeing red leaves (red pigment is created by sunlight). Bamboo green and yellowish autumn tints matches together and you can have an awesome view somewhat different from other places.

  A grand master monk, who passes recently his 90th birthday, cleans the garden for Juroku Rakan with beautiful moss covered up in the morning and evening, and head chief monk, who passes his 60th birthday, cleans the other places, so that all these sceneries are kept very organized and clean. If you are in a peaceful and calm atmosphere at Zen temple retreating from the hustle and bustle, you start feeling like you are able to see yourself through your mind with all these quiet and beautiful autumn tints colors.

  Moreover, it has an admission fees to get in, but you can also have some view their Karesansui garden as well as beautiful camellia flowers and red leaves with Matcha green tea. All these stones are arranged equally and their shapes look like Rakan (a practitioner of the Buddhism who is spiritually awakened), so that the garden is called ‘the garden of Juroku Rakan’ and has moss all over the places with a tranquil atmosphere. You feel a little bit of loneliness of fall when you see all these red and yellow leaves falling down on top of the green moss.

  If you would like to drink matcha, they open the place regularly from 10:00 a.m. ~ 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, Sunday and holidays. Thursday is closed and the other weekday will be needed for a reservation. If there is a memorial service, they close the entire temple so that you might want to make a reservation for any times. (there will be a construction period in December, so that there will be no matcha service available.)


  Since the big construction and reparing of Hojo which is a cultural property registered by Kyoto City from December in 2016, so that there will be a special open to the public before the construction work start ( November 1st ~ 30th). The best autumn tints season in this period, so why don’t you visit here within this chance.



ADDRESS : 23 Yamada Kitano-cho, Saikyo-ku, Kyoto City(map

PHONE : +81(0)75-381-3417

HOURS : 9:00 a.m. ~ 4:30 p.m. (last entry 4:15 p.m.)

CHARGE : 500 yen for Adult / 1,000 yen for match and standard ticket / 300 yen for primary, junior, and senior high-school student (match event will be in irregular holidays)

*Disability discount 

Identification booklet holder : 100 yen discount, and helper (only 2 people are allowed) : each 100 yen discount

(please show us your ID booklet)

*If your group is over 20 people, please make a reservation.

*please contact us through our website if you are going to visit here as a group.

*When we are in a construction in December, we are gaping to show a gate of monk’s quarter, a main temple and some temple treasures. If there s not event, we will present you a post card.

WEBSITE  : http://takenotera-jizoin.jp/

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