Kamado Takitate-gohan Doi

Eating your fill of your favorite Tsukemono.

Text : Natsumi Kjawano / Photo : Kaina Honma


  Kyoto has their own food culture called ‘Kyoryori’ with variety of foods on the table. However, it is not easy to have seafoods in the city surrounded by mountains everywhere. Therefore, vegetables which are created through its distinctive weather and climate has taken a main part of Kyoryori. Moreover, Tsukemono pickled with good quality vegetables becomes very important accent on Kyoryori.

  Senmai-zuke (Japanese pickles of sliced turnip), Suguki (made from turnip-like vegetable), Shibazuke (chopped eggplants salted with red perilla) are the three best Tsukemono in Kyoto and Shibazuke has been produced in Ohara which area has a good quality perilla from long ago. In 1901, February 5th, Doi Shibazuke Hompo named Shibazuke as ‘Special product Shibazuke (using different Kanji)’ and they have produced Shibazuke in Ohara for 115 years so far. A new restaurant featured Kyoryori produced by Doi Shibazuke Hompo opened at Kyoto station.

  A restaurant called ‘Kamado Takitate-gohan Doi’ offers their speciality Shibazuke including a variety of Tsukemono with Obanzai. A good smell of Tsukemono comes out at the entrance of the restaurant, and you are able to see Tsukemono and Obanzai lining up in front of you, so that your sense of smell and vision can feel Kyoryori fully.

  This ’Saikyozuke-zen’ is offered as a set of Saikyozuke meat or fish. You can refill your rice bowl and tsukemono anytime you want. Saikyozuke pork loin has a soft flavor inside and it goes with tsukemono really well. By using Saikyomiso (white miso) from and old miso retailer in Kyoto and they are very particular about using additive-free method.

  Usually, when you make Saikyozuke, you need to put a gauze between miso and ingredients in order to exclude a work of getting rid of miso out of it. However, this restaurant will never make it into easy way and they pickled the ingredients nicely so that it stays juicy and soft. Finally they complete a tasty Saikyozuke at the end. ‘Pickle’ skills are reflected on their Saikyozuke as well.

  They also have ‘Sweet deep-fried tofu with Kujo green onion and egg drop meal’ and ’Tsukemono tempra meal’.

  “Eating a fresh seasonal foods”. A lot of seasonal foods are on their menu and it is quite fun to have a different taste in every season. You can absolutely buy your favorite Tsukemono there, too.

  This store is the place that you can taste Tsukemono richly, which you are not conscious of so much in your daily life, with seasonal foods together.



ADDRESS : 8-3 Higashi shiokouji Takakura-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City (MAP)

PHONE : +81(0)75-634-8545

HOURS : 9:00 a.m. ~ 10:00 p.m.

CLOSED : none

WEBSITE : http://www.doishibazuke.co.jp/kamado-doi/kyotoeki/


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