Ebisuya Jinrikisha

Enjoy exclusive drive on a Jinrikisha at Sagano, Arashiyama

Text: Yumi Oki / Photo: Kaina Honma


Here is a story of my exclusive experience on a jinrikisha (traditional Japanese rickshaw usually for 1-2 people that is pulled by a man) at Arashiyama, a beautiful mountain. Our driver's name was Yuya Sato, from Ebisuya jinrikisha company.


This jinrikisha services comes with a tour around famous spots in Arashiyama with a guide by the driver. Ebisuya started out with only 3 vehicles in 1992 and have continued until today. The hood can cover the top to shut out the gleaming sun in summer and a thick blanket in the winter to keep the rider warm.


We experienced a 60 minutes tour 'Sagano Yasuragi no Tabi (relaxing trip around Sagano)' to go around the temples of this area. Jinrikisha can allow riders to save energy walking on foot, and enjoy Sagano's beautiful view that was once cherished by the loyal families from Heian period (794-1192).


The tour will go through Togetsukyo bridge, refreshing bamboo forest, Nonomiya Shrine and a photo shooting in front of the two enshrined statues. The driver will stop at many photogenic spots, with a guide. 60 minutes flew by so fast.

The tour ends back at Togetsukyo Bridge. This limited yet exclusive ride shall remain as a tour full of many spots and fun with the friendly driver!


ADDRESS: 3-24 Susukinobabacho, Sagatenryuji, Ukyoku, Kyoto (map)
PHONE: +81(0)75-864-4444
HOURS: 9:30 until sundown according to each season
PRICE: Sagano Yasuragi no Tabi (60 min): 13,000 yen/1 person, 17,500 yen/2 people, 26,250 yen/3 people
*3 customer will be divided to 2 vehicles
1 block tour: 3,000 yen/1 person, 4,000/2 people, 6,000/3 people
**Please see official website for more detail
WEB: http://ebisuya.com/

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