Shaun the Sheep cafe

A hidden character-care in a Japanese style building 

Text: Keiko Nakamura / Photo: Takuya Oshima 

There is a 2nd branch of Shaun the Sheep Cafe creating a space of English animation, Shaun the Sheep, just 5 minutes walk from Gojo Station. A big drawing of Shaun will greet you at the entrance. This branch is in a classic machiya (traditional Kyoto-style house) building and has a different taste from the first branch that opened in Minami Senba, Osaka, which is in a more contemporary building. 

After entering the grid door, a wooden bar counter will appear as if you are in a traditional Japanese restaurant. But look closely! There is a modest design of Shaun everywhere, like in the Japanese style sakura, morning glory and maple drawing on the walls. These flowers and leaves represents different seasons and are used as a design for original tenugui-towel (1,296 yen).

I ordered a set of Shaun the Nerikiri and matcha tea (1,080 yen) from the menu which offers variety of foods from sweets to light meal. Nerikiri is a Japanese sweets made from rice dough and sweet bean paste, shaped in elegant form usually representing seasonal items. At this cafe, it is an adorable brown sugar flavored Shaun. I can imaging customers hesitating to eat this sweet-sweets! A matcha green tea is from Uji tea producer. A sparkling set (1,296 yen) of rare sugar and sparkling is another must-try.


Timmy no hiragai tamago no oyakodon (Timmy's cage-free egg and chicken rice bowl, 1,296 yen) is prepared with WABISUKE egg. Shaun no kyo no otofu tiramisu (Shaun's Kyoto style tofu tiramisu, 756 yen) is made with Namikawa Shoten's tofu. 'Cafe puts effort in not only making the food cute, but also tastes good'. There are menu of Shirley and Bitzer, too.

There is one private room behind the bar. Dark wall room has many Shaun hidden. A Shaun doll will be there to accompany. This room is popular among the fans, so if anyone wants to eagerly use this room, making a reservation shall be best. Guests can also buy original sweets and items like Shaun the Hannari Mikasa (sweet beans pancake, 1,944 yen).

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ADDRESS 92-1 Nunoya-cho, Wakamiya-dori Gojo-agaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto (map)
PHONE: +81(0)75-744-6148
HOURS: 11:30-18:00
CLOSED: Wednesday