Restaurant Shimizu Gion branch

A bonus menu at beef speciality restaurant, fabulous midnight egg sandwich 

Text & Photo: Kaniwa Hioki 


Anyone in Kyoto would know that 'Hanamikoji Shijo-agaru' is the center area of Gion. This entertainment district may have an impression quite different from glorious morning cock-a-doodle-doo. Yet, in fact there is a fabulous egg sandwich (1,000 yen) using branded egg WABISUKE at a beef restaurant that opened on September 2014.

Manager Kawakatsu met Oka, the representative of egg farm producing WABISUKE, in June 2016. He fell in love with WABISUKE instantly, saying that 'it is very rich and fresh'. His new menu, egg sandwich uses 4 egg per dish. Half baked egg between yummy bread became a popular menu as a finisher after drinks. Now, he gets many take away orders from surrounding bars and restaurants, from both customers and staffs. His egg sandwich has become a famous item from Hanamikoji.

As for beef, the Roast ox tongue (1,300 yen) is the top selling. It is grilled with French mustard, wasabi, salt and pepper. His beef is stored and cooked with detail calculation of the best matching amount of spices and best amount of meet. Before coming here, Kawakatsu has been working at Chinese restaurant for 5 years. Therefore, his dishes has a slight Chinese-ness which might be making it special & good. There are other menu that shall satisfy great meat-eaters, too.


There are only 8 seats at the bar counter. Kawakatsu's friendly personality makes the place cozy. Great food, quiet atmosphere, dim light, fabulous egg sandwich. It is just perfect. 

ADDRESS: 354 Kiyomoto-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto (map)
PHONE: +81(0)90-6551-9963
CLOSED: Sunday