Kyoto Bed & Breakfast Tsukiya

Staying over night at a real Kyo-machiya.


Text : Keiko Kimura


  It is very important to choose where you stay in your travel plan. Not only you can relax at your accommodation at the end of your day, but also we prefer something extraordinary to having a regular atmosphere.

  Why don’t you select Kyo-machiya (traditional kyoto townhouse style) which you can feel deeply about traditional Japanese culture for your travel in Kyoto?

  ‘Bed & Breakfast Tsukiya’ is a B&B style hostel that you can stay at a real Kyo-machiya. The house provided with mezzanine floor was built in 1920 and people have saved the house, which is made from paper, soil and wood, more than 90 years so far. It is a profound atmosphere with each detail such as a red oxide lattice with the soft afternoon sun coming in, Tori-niwa (passage garden) with a high position of Hibukuro (open ceiling), a veranda that you can see a spot garden.

  They have 4 guest rooms in total: ‘Mochizuki’ 6 tatami mats with 4 tatami mats traditional Japanese room, ‘Gengetsu’ 6 tatami mats with a veranda traditional Japanese room, ‘Mikazuki’ 6 tatami mats sized western room with a lattice window, ‘Saku’ mezzanine 5.5 tatami mats traditional Japanese room. Each room has its own taste, but ‘Saku’ is the one you can feel a cozy atmosphere the most. Some places has a low ceiling spots so that you have to walk with a stoop little bit like a real Japanese style.

  Japanese breakfast will be served in your room with foods produced in Kyoto.

  After you eat warm rice and miso soup as well as obanzai with all these fresh Kyo-yasai (Kyoto grown vegetables), now the exciting journey will await you ahead!



ADDRESS : 139-1 Ebisu-cho Shinmachi-dori Gojosagaru, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto City (MAP)

PHONE : +81(0)75-353-7920

PRICE : per night with breakfast / 4,500 yen ~


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