A stylish bar you can enjoy a fusion of Japan and England atmosphere.

Text : Keiko Nakamura / Photo : Kaina Honma


  There is a bar on Kitaoji Street which is managed by Mr. Satoshi Furukawa, today’s guide. The appearance in the night streets stand out as if it was a bar in a western country.

  A stylish atmosphere spreads out inside the bar. There are table seats with a lot of art posters on the wall in front and counter seats are back inside. This original bar counter table is made of a solid African timber on top of bricks. Once you have a seat at the counter table, there are a number of whisky bottles behind it and when you look up on the shelf, you will find an origin of whisky word, ‘UISGEBEATHA’. On the other hand, we pay attention to its Japanese-style paint work with lots of gold foils suggestive of ‘Hakubaizu’ by Korin Ogata. Once you look at the side, you will get to see a spot garden lit up. Mr.Furukawa said, “My bar concept is a fusion of Japan and England”. It literally tells us how the concept relates to his career before.

  He was 19 years old when he went to Europe. He spent 4 years in England, Spain, and Italy. He decided to have his own bar since he likes alcohol drink, and likes to talk to the people as well and moreover he used to work at the bar with the same name of his own bar in Florence, Italy. After he came back to Japan, he resided in Kyoto by thinking of making the best use of his language skill in the international city. He trained himself for 7 years at a bar in Kyoto and opened his own in 2013. There is no doubt that you can feel his experiences in several foreign countries and knowledges everywhere inside the bar.

  He has about 50 kinds of whisky more focusing on scotch actually. This flavorful ’Old Perth’ (700yen) aged in a wine cask is very popular among ladies. Alcohol content 57 percent with a peat smell, a characteristic single molt ‘Port Askaig’ (1,000yen) is for those who know whisky a lot. He prepares all the line-ups that everyone from whisky beginners to experts. I also recommend his fresh flavor ’Cucumber gin tonic’ (800yen) made from Scottish gin ‘Hendrix’ and English tonic water with a slice of cucumber.

  For your drink food, my recommendation will be ‘Fish and chips’ (1,100yen), ‘Home-made pistachio’ (600yen), ‘Camembert’ (700yen), and ‘Home-made chocolate’ (700yen). Surprisingly, he also has a cup of ‘coffee’(500yen) freshly grounded and made, so that there are some customers who come here to drink his coffee only as well. Enjoy his Japanese and English style interior decorations and art together with scotch whisky is something you would like to do at the end of your holiday, don’t you think?




ADDRESS : 47-2 Murasakino Unrinin-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto City(map

PHONE : +81(0)75-354-6162

HOURS : 7:00 p.m. ~ 1:00 a.m.

CLOSED : Thursday