Furniture & General Store KIJIRUSHI

Let's find a simply well suiting furniture

Text: Keiko Nakamura / Photo: Takuya Oshima


A walk up north the Daitakuji-dori will took me to Furniture & General Store KIJIRUSHI. A bare concrete building on the ground floor and with a brick wall on the 2nd. The arrow-signboard lead me in the shop.

This is the showroom of Kijirushi. Yoshiro Mizokami, the owner, has been making furniture of 13 years. His wife also has her space here in selling items and clothes of her selection.

Mizogami favores the white oak, which is known as having a beautiful wood grain, with a touch of natural oil. He calls his products 'the futures vintage' and creates them hoping to suite people's lives for a long time. 'It has to be strong and simple to stay in use' he explains. I saw that in the gentle roundness of the table edge, the back panel of the chair. The gentleness of his furnitures shows how much they were made with care.

There are numbers of original items, too. Clip board comes in 8 sizes from A4 to 7 (1,404 - 4,014 yen), with an option of magnet (plus 1,000 yen). It can be used in many scenes, from office work to home use like attaching it on the fridge with magne. Walnut handled cutting board (small 7,344 yen, large 9,180 yen) is indeed stylish. Small pins (1,404 yen) is made out from scrap wood and I enjoyed searching for my favorite one.

Other simple and high quality products were selected from in and out of Japan. Some domestic brands are COMMONO reproducts (Nagoya), clothes by persica (Kurume) and SOLS's shoes. Vintage lamps, baskets and glasses were from US and Polland, etc.


'Until I opened this shop in 2015, I had my customers come to our home. When I was finally able to open this place, I wanted people to casually stop by so we decided to sell other products too' he says. This place surely offers interesting lineups to enjoy the time.

ADDRESS: 26-1 Shichikukami Midori-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto(map
PHONE: +81(0)75-406-7206
OPEN DAYS: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Every 1st Sunday