Sake & Wine Bar ‘Sosogu’

Having a carefully selected aperitif and speciality.

Text : Wakako Sato / Photo : Takuya Oshima


  Before going to dinner, this is the place I want to stop by, ‘Sosogu’ which locates at Kitaoji-horikawa area. After going through a restaurant curtain and opening a sliding door, you will see soil walls, wooden beams, decent counter table, and moreover you can see a traditional small inner garden back inside with a beautiful appearance around.

  This is the place for people who love sake and Japanese wine. Especially, their sake is selected by the owner, Mr.Kishimoto Narihito, going all over the sake breweries in Japan and his selection is sorted out for its umami taste and sweetness. Almost all the sake is coming from northern part, such as Niigata and Yamagata, since Mr.Kisimoto loves that region, however you can also find sake from Fukuoka and Saga, southern part in Japan. Basically, the menu is going to be updated every season, but it slightly and continuously changes the content inside, so that you can see some new bottles whenever you visit them.

  Now, let me take a seat on a wooden chair. When I looked it up their menu, even though I am a big fan of sake so much, I see brands that I’ve never seen before such as ‘Inogashira’ from Nagano and ‘Suiryu’ from Nara (these brands are up till the end of November). I was wondering what I wanted to drink and the owner asked me, “What kind of sake you usually drink?” and added, “even though you don’t drink sake all the time, if you tell me something you usually drink like beer brands, or shochu brands, then I can recommend something you will like”. You also can see some awesome designs on the labels, so that it might be interesting to choose out of their designs as well.

  Now, he selected ‘Haneya’ from Toyama (up till the end of November). The ingredient rice was harvested in fall last year and fermented till spring time then ready to drink in fall this year. This is what it’s called, ‘Hiyaoroshi’. He poured into this Imari sake cup. This cup is very comfortable to hold and easy to drink. They also prepare different kinds of sake cups such as Kutaniyaki, and Aritayaki. You can also enjoy with cups as well. I also ordered hand-made chicken ham with olive oil on top (580yen). They also have small tapas such as Sakebitashi Salmon, Coppa, Iburigakko(smoked daikon pickles) and cream cheese.

  The bar is open from 3 p.m. so that you can stop by while you are walking around the city, or you can set up a meeting here before dinner time, or I would recommend to come here after dinner as well. Visiting here by yourself is fine, and also you definitely feel that you might wanna come back here somebody else together next time.



ADDRESS : 35 Murasakino Nishi Gosho Dencho, Kita-ku, Kyoto City (MAP)

PHONE : +81(0)75-276-7753

HOURS : 3:00 p.m. ~ 12:00 a.m.

CLOSED : Tuesday