Restaurant Kitamura

Exquisite hand-made soba with a view of thatched house and a field of buck wheat flowers.

Text : Nanda Tamada / Photo : Kaina Honma


  Do you know that when the autumn season comes appear, buck wheat flower starts blooming? With a great background scenery, thatched houses designated as an important preservation district of historic buildings, you can see pretty white flowers all over the places. Right in front of it, there is ‘Restaurant Kitamura’ in a tasteful thatched house.

  The best thing of this place is that this is the only hand-made soba place in Miyama district. By using Miyama local buck wheat and water resource from a valley, a soba chef makes soba noodles inside of the glass-sided room. He only makes for 18 people at once, so that he needs to make soba noodles several times coming back here again and again. The most will be 15 times in weekends. If timing is perfect for you, you can see how a chef makes soba noodles inside that glass in room.

  What we would like to introduce to you is ‘Cold soba noodle with locally raised chicken dipping sauce and small egg donburi’ using WABISUKE (local brand chicken).

  Dipping soba noodles in a warm chicken broth sauce and eat straightly into your mouth. Chicken is very tender and thin noodles catch the sauce very well and it goes down well with an excellent throat comfort.

  To tell you the truth, this comfort has a secret. The owner, Mr.Nakano, informed and showed us, “When I chop the soba dough, I cut it at right angles and a cross section of soba noodle becomes angular, then you are going to feel comfort in your throat when you eat it”.

  It was 1994 when he opened this restaurant. He used to use a machine to make soba noodles, but one day he encountered a hand-made soba in Kyoto City and impressed so much and then he started thinking, “I want to make the best hand-made soba noodles using Miyama local buck wheat”. Since then, he trained himself at the restaurant in Kyoto City. It is considered that the best and flavorful soba noodles are made out of only through making noodles by hands. After he trained himself hard enough, then he completed his style and now it has become the most popular soba place in his local place.

   Soba has a season. When the harvest season comes, we call these soba as ’Shin-soba’. It is well-known that this season is the best. Flowers bloom in September and started bearing seeds in October, and Shin-soba season is in a middle of November.

  He said about WABISUKE chicken, “A friend of mine, Mr.Oka, makes an effort to raise this local chicken, so that I decided to use it as well”. He feels the passion a lot of from the chicken farm owner, Mr.Oka, that he raises all these chicken as a free range farming. Besides the chicken broth soba sauce and egg donburi, he uses a local fresh eggs for ‘egg rice’ and ‘tororo soba’ and now it reaches about using 100 eggs at the most in a day.

  When he was in a student period, he went out to the city and now he realized more beautiful part in his Miyama scenery and this great nature around. Not only pursuing the best hand-made soba noodles, he also try to face the aging problem in this district and started hiring people who are under 75 years old. We felt his passion and thoughtful personality as well as his hope to develop his local, Miyama district.




ADDRESS : 19-1 Ageishi, Miyama-cho kits, Nantan City, Kyoto(map

PHONE : +81(0)771-77-0146

HOURS : 10:00 a.m. ~ 5:00 p.m.

CLOSED : Wednesday (If it is a holiday, they open and no close in November)