American-style bar to drink & eat

Text: A. Sasaki / Photo: Kanako Takimoto

If you are at Kawabata-dori, go east on the Shijo-dori, to a straight street that has ramen noodle shop and bakery cafe. Then, a lift at the Kamogawa Building will take to you the 8th floor where  an old bar is celebrating it's 29th anniversary in December 2016.

The Place is quite big for a bar in Kyoto. There is a bar table that can look over the beautiful night scene of Kamogawa River, spacious table that offer plenty of seats for a big group up to 50 people. 'We have karaoke machine. Group of women often have a party here' says the owner Matsushita. He opened a pub Lounge Matsushita in Hanami Koji Dori in his late 20s. 38 years after that, he also have a quiet bar Piano Bar Ca et la on 7th floor of the same building. 'The night scenery from the window is of course beautiful, but the early morning Kitayama mountain is fantastic' he adds.

Among the variou list of cocktails, whiskey, shochu, beer and wine, a very refreshing mojito (1,000 yen) is a must-try. The mint is home-grown at the owner's house. 

This American-style casual bar has a good amount of food menu, too. They prepare around 13 dishes everyday, including Matsushita's special beef sinew curry, egg sandwich and salads. Most of them are Matsushita's own recipe, and are all reasonably priced at 600 yen. It's a great place for wedding party and other events.

Matsushita has been watching Gion for 38 years. Now, students, long time customers and female groups come to see him.

Check out their website or Facebook for information on events.

ADDRESS: Kamogawa Building 8th Floor, Shijo Keihan Minamiza Mukai, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto (map)
TEL: +81(0)75-541-5336
HOURS:Mon-Thurs 18:00-28:00, Fri-Sat 18:00-29:00, Sunday & public holiday 18:00-27:00