Music space Yoshy

A live piano music by the owner will give you a pleasure that you will never feel at any KARAOKE bar.

Text : Kaina Honma /  Photo : Kanako Takimoto


  It's on a third floor of a building in Gion district. Once you open a door, you will see the owner, Yoshie Sakai, who is smiling in front of a piano placed behind a bar counter. At the same time, you can hear a singing voice of her customer. KARAOKE? Actually, her customer is singing with her live piano music behind.

  A name of the bar is ‘Yoshy’ coming from her name ‘Yoshie’. ‘Yoshy’ is her stage name as well. As you can see on her bar name, ’Music space’, you can relax and listen her live music, if you are good at playing the guitar and bass, you can have a session with her and others, too. Absolutely you can join on the stage as a main vocal. This is a space that you can enjoy with everyone including staffs together by having fun with music.

  Surprisingly, she has a number of repertories of music that she can play. As she mentions, “I actually don’t know how many songs I can play”. It seems she has no songs that she has never heard before including domestic and foreign all together. There are a lot of musicians who can play major songs, but Ms.Sakai can play the piano and even sing a song only if there is a music code even though she has never heard and played. Moreover, she receives dozens of music requests everyday for 6 years since it’s open, so that she says, “I think I have played music you usually know already so far”.

  There is also a live music event inviting a guest vocalist onto the stage. Today, I see a vocalist, Connie, who is well-known in Kansai area and has wide range of song repertories from Jazz and Pops. Their performance each other is quite good match and makes me feel warm inside. This is also an attractive part at Yoshy to enjoy fully all these live events happening a few times in a month mainly focusing on Sakura and Christmas season.

  Well, we all need to know how much they charge us... All-you-can-drink (only a hard liquor bottles), 6,500 yen (no time limits). I think this is very reasonable comparing to the other places in this exclusive club area. You can listen a music played by professional musicians right in front of you, and you can also participate in a groove as well. If you are confident of yourself playing a music instruments or singing a song, or if you just love to listen a live music event, then I would recommend you to go there anytime. After you step into the bar, you already live in Yoshy’s world.


ADDRESS : 281-1 Gionmachi kitagawa, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto City (MAP)

PHONE : +81(0)75-531-4400

HOURS : 8:00 p.m. ~ 2:00 a.m.

CLOSED : Sunday and Holiday