Obanzai and Vietnamese sandwich store in a slow and Showa retro atmosphere.

Text : Keiko Nakamura  /  Photo : Kanako Takimoto


  You will see ‘CHIERiYa’ on Niomon-dori Street connecting Kawabata-dori Street and Todaiji-dori Street. Their landmark is a red flag saying, “bánh mì” in Japanese. Once you open the old glass door, there is a spacious earthen floor and sitting room inside. It used to be a fruit and vegetable shop and also this place was filmed in ‘Mother water’, a Japanese film based in Kyoto. Mrs. Chieri Oshiro and her mother Mrs. Yukiko serves home-style cooking and Vietnamese sandwich ‘bánh mì’ here. Mrs. Chieri’s eldest daughter, Madoka-chan, born in June 2015 becomes a cute salesgirl nowadays.

  When you order Obanzai plate (800 yen) available from breakfast till dinner time, you can choose out of 9 kinds of main dishes such as ‘Ginger-fried pork’ and ‘grilled fish’, and moreover they have a lot of small dishes on the same plate. 8 kinds of small dishes will be on your plate, e.g. ‘Hijikino-taitan’, ‘Squid and nuta-miso’, ‘Boiled pumpkin’ and more. Mrs. Yukiko says, “It was only 3 kinds for the first time, but I wanted everyone eat more of what I cooked and also for the students who in a growing youth, then it increased one by one”. She cooks with organic vegetables from Kita-ku, Kyoto City with natural stock. They use an enzyme brown rice which has a high effect on beauty and health. This enzyme brown rice has a different name as ‘Sleeping brown rice’ since you steam it for 2 days and then the texture will be perfectly soft and sticky.

  Mrs. Chieri studied confectionery at a special cooking school and she had been through a pastry shop and cafe then now she is in charge of snacks and Vietnamese sandwich here. She loves to travel around in Asian countries and big fan of ‘bánh mì’ so that she studied to make this sandwich be their speciality at this restaurant. It is a genuine taste with cilantro and seasoning sauce on. You can choose a stuff in a french bread out of 4 kind stuffs, such as ‘home-made pork lever putty’ and ‘dried shrimp omelet’ and etc. She also makes macrobiotic baked confectioneries using with soy milk, rapeseed oil, and cane sugar.

  I see children and their parents, neighbors, and foreign tourists since there are a lot of guest houses around. It is a weekday and almost getting into the evening, but I see so many customers inside. A mother with her child is talking with Mrs. Chieri about a bento box to go. This bento box (650 yen with Miso soup) is almost close to Obanzai plate and moreover you can choose anything you want from there to go. She says, “I just do what I can do. After my daughter was born, I asked my mother to help me out but still very relaxing and slow everyday”.



ADDRESS : 370 Wakoku-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City (MAP)

PHONE : +81(0)70-5344-6343

HOURS : 9:00 a.m. (Sat, Sun, Holiday 8:00 a.m.) ~ 9:00 p.m.

CLOSED : Irregular holidays