A secret garden to cheer you up with flowers

Text: Keiko Nakamura / Photo: Kanako Takimoto

As I walk half-worried that I am on the right way, I came to a place full of people and numbers of car parked around them. I found ANZZI. An elderly lady with a handwritten map with her told me that she came to order a flower for her neighbor, and that she had been so delighted receiving a wonderfully arranged flowers from this shop as a present before. Nonetheless, that she was so glad she made it here.

'A gift of flower is something you can put your heart in. I arrange the flowers to suit each customer's feeling' says Mami Mochizuki, the representative, who had been finishing up a pink flower bouquet.

Mami opened up part of her home as ANZZI in 2013. Oriental and western flowers, plants, cut & planted, moss ball, preserved/dry flower and many more that she thinks is nice. There is a fresh lineup of seasonal flowers, with some unique ones. Tropical king protea, tube-shaped cyrtanthus, new breed of ranunculus.... 

Original products that was created by her ideas like 'red vine ball' (rolled up dried red vine for 400 yen) should be great as interior decoration. I myself bought this and hang it at the entrance wall. Now that I put a hook to put up the vine ball, I'm feeling it's going to be the beginning of my flower decorating hobby. I could enjoy mixing few items like dried hydrangea, thread-wrapped succulent ball (400 yen) and antique bottle of Coca-cola (200 yen). To fulfill our desire for 'nice things', she purchases freshly cut flowers 3 times a week, and plants twice. 

Mami puts 'smile and flower into people's life'. I enjoyed spending my Sunday afternoon in this place. No matter how busy the shop is, Mami will seemed to always see off the customers warmly. It's a place I would love to bring a flower fan friends along the next time.


ADDRESS: 23-25 Hirakawa Yokomichi, Jyoyo-City (map)
TEL: +81(0)774-53-2763
HOURS: 10:00-19:00 (Sunday closed at 17:00)
CLOSED: Tuesday
WEB: (Japanese only)
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