Kaido Cafe

Coffee roasting cafe in a quiet residential area

Text: Keiko Nakamura / Photo: Kanako Takimoto

Their signboard stands in a narrow path between houses. The building next to their house is their cafe where Yoko Fukutomi, the owner, awaits with a friendly smile.

Yoko and her husband, who were both a fan of coffee, started attending roasting classes about 10 years ago. Learning how a small action can make a large different in its flavor, she gradually got deeply involved. One day, her husband had given her a second hand roaster. Triggered by this, she opened a roasting shop next to her main house in 2007. They started off by only selling their beans, but have decided to make a cafe space in this last few years. 

'We prioritized most in the price. Coffee is a drink that should be enjoyed daily, therefore it shouldn't be expensive. We did make some research on tenants in the city but if we use part of our own home, it's free rent. Many neighbors come to buy beans like it's part of their grocery shopping' says her. The beans are priced from 310 yen/100g. A reasonable price for home roasted beans.

Familiar customers come with bicycle and bikes. They seem to enjoy the conversation following a short greeting asking for the kind and volume of beans wanted. Elderly women and young men, all seems to be attached to this cafe. 'I enjoy roasting coffee thinking of their faces' she explains. She starts her day early in the morning, in a calm moment with the natural sun light on the beans.

Kaido has 8 kinds of coffee, from mid-roasted and deeply-roasted. I tried their popular Guatemala SHB Huehuetenango set (350 yen with small sweets). Yoko carefully grinds the beans and drips them to make enough for 2 cups. The cafe space is furnished with a antique items making the experience all the more rich. If I listen very carefully, I can hear the Kintestu trains running. They also have special Saturday-curry and sweets baked by her daughter who is a patissier.  

The name for the cafe is taken from Hanakaido (Malus halliana), a plant that Yoko and her husband planted in the house for their anniversary. Yoko runs the place with a support from her family. It was a very heartwarming space.

Kaido Cafe
ADDRESS: 87-1 Kusekitagaito, Joyo-city
CLOSED: Sunday and Monday