A married couple run a business of home-roasted coffee shop by Kamogawa River.


Text : Keiko Nakmura / Photo : Kanako Takimoto


  On a little alley by Kamogawa River close to Kitaoji-bashi Bridge, there is a home-roasted coffee shop called WIFE&HUSBAND opened in 2015 has old round chairs and rolled mats in front of their entrance. It looks very warm inside with tasteful old things.

  Mr.Kyoichi Yoshida and Mrs.Ikumi Yoshida showed us their menu and then I was able to understand why they had round chairs and mats outside. On this menu, one line says, “PICNIC / coffee at the river” along with their drinks and coffee beans menu. It has ’Picnic basket (1,000yen/1.5hours) with Coffee pot (need to be returned) and some snacks, round chairs and mats are for rental (each 150yen/1.5hours), lap blanket free service is available. Mr.Yoshida said, “Kamogawa River is really close and we as a family go there with Bento box and coffees whenever we feel like”.

  After all I was thinking what to order, I finally decided to have a blend coffee called ’DAUGHTER (550yen)’ inside the cafe. Brazilian, Collumbian, and Mocha, three kinds coffee beans mixed and this is their first blend coffee at WIFE&HUSBAND. They named it as ‘DAUGHTER’ because this is the first baby born they produced together. 180cc in a white antique style mug cup. This cafe used to be Oden (Japanese hotch-potch) restaurant and it still has its own atmosphere on this counter table. Deep roasted beans gave me deep body taste straightly. It is bitter but at the same time it is not too much and no miscellaneous taste. I am very content with the volume, too. Mr.Yoshida said, “We have a lot of customers who want to refill their cups. Our coffee also doesn’t change its taste even though it sits there for a long time”. A home-made cake (350yen) with plenty of dried fruits that are made by boiling rum is also good match with their coffee.

  Mr. and Mrs. Yoshida used to work at a different company related to English tea for a long time before they opened this cafe after they got married. This rich taste but very refreshed taste are produced by the experience of English tea knowledge. They make coffee by mixing the drip method and extraction method and finally able to find their own taste and style by using paper dripping like they extract the taste slowly. It is very much impressive to see Mr.Yoshida’s serious face when he was dripping a coffee. Both dreamed of opening this coffee shop when they roasted beans together first time. Mrs. Yoshida told me, “Like a married couple, we named our coffee shop in order to have a good relationship with our customers”.

  I was already thinking to have a coffee next time at Kamogawa River. Probably better in a beautiful spring time? Greenish summer? or tinted autumn season? I prefer spring but I think it will be crowded...  anyway, I went back where I came from by thinking of these happy times in the future.



ADDRESS : 106-6 Koyamashimouchi Kawara-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto City (MAP)

PHONE : +81(0)75-201-7324

HOURS : 10:00 a.m. ~ 5:00 p.m. (picnic time L.O. 3:30 p.m. / cafe time L.O. 4:30 p.m.)

CLOSED : irregular holidays (please check our calendar on a website)

WEBSITE : http://www.wifeandhusband.jp

※All the price are not tax included.