The finest warabi-mochi you deserve to have by making a reservation again.


Text : Keiko Nakamura / Photo : Takuya Oshima


It locates in a residential area down to south from Kitayama-dori Street onto Inokuma-dori Street. I saw a bulletin board written their name by a brush through a big window. Yes, this is the warabi-mochi (bracken mochi) place that is well-known to the few called ‘Rakushaan’. They become famous by word of mouth. Once you stepped into their entrance, you see a waiting room and heard the voice saying, “Please wait a moment”. When I look around their interiors, I saw their antiques such as an old sewing machine and little folkcrarfts. It made me feel that I was in a retro cafe.

Ms.Masako Nakano came out bringing a fresh warabi-mochi plate called ’Shiki Warabi-mochi (four seasons warabi-mochi). Usually, they only offer ’to go’ style, but we were specially able to have it in the store. A plenty of kinako (soybean flour) on top of warabi-mochi and once you have it in your mouth, you will be amazed by the texture you’ve never had before. Ms.Nakano said, “I only use warabi-mochi powder, sugar, and maccha from Ippodo-chaho for a flavor. Mixing powder and water for 10 minutes and that’s it”. Well-balanced texture with softness and elasticity. When you pick it up, it stretches higher and higher. I think she put her heart into it mixing for 10 minutes and therefore, it becomes amazingly delicious. A smooth taste made me finish everything very quickly. A flavor of maccha and kinako is mild and you can enjoy the taste of warabi-mochi itself very well. I think this is a sweet of adult.

Ms.Nakano used to work at a traditional Japanese restaurant and she could not forget the taste of warabi-mochi they offered as a souvenir then she decided to open her own. She traveled around a lot to eat different warabi-mochi and pursued her own original taste and flavor. She smiled and said, “I had my friends eat my warabi-mochi and they told me that it was delicious and moreover they asked me to open my own store”. It has been 14 years since then and so many customers from all over the places come here. “I am very happy to hear that they tell me they can’t eat any other warabi-mochi anymore since they had mine”.

Made-to-order only. Only certain quantity they can produce in a day, so you might want to make a reservation earlier than you think. Large box (16 pieces) 1,200 yen. Small box (8 pieces) 690 yen. Usual pack (8 pieces) 540 yen. There will be Sakura flavor warabi-mochi in March and April.


ADDRESS : 22 Shichikushimo Shibamoto-cho, Kita-ku, Kyoto City (MAP)

PHONE : +81(0)75-494-2551, +81(0)90-3059-3616

HOURS : 11:30 a.m. ~ 5:00 p.m. (only for pick up)

CLOSED : Dec 30th and Jan 1st.