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Text: Keiko Nakamura / Photo: Naoki Matsuda

There is a furniture showroom of knot on Horikawa-Dori. It's in a retro looking building and has launched a new look after renewal open in mid-March. One of the low table placed in the 1st floor had caught my eye. The walnut material had a dark fine tone which is created through a repeating process of polishing urethane paint using linen. This process had taken in a hint from negoronuri, a technique in lacquer painting. The red base paint appears like a pattern in some parts of the black upper layer. Numbers of experiments had taken place before launching it, says Mr. Fumitaka Kuriyama, representative of knot, who will be guiding us through for this feature.

A spacious 2nd floor has furnitures of both Japanese and nordic taste. TV board using Japanese paper at the front and steel leg is at a good height for other uses like a bench and table. A chair using thread for outdoor like parachute cord and mountain climbing rope. The latter seems to have more elasticity, both strong and comes in variety of color and design. 

Kuriyama had ambitiously taken in whatever material that he thought was good. Many Japanese material had been selected since he became member of craftsman groups, Kei Art and Futaba Afuhi Exhibition Committee. Matching western materials like oak and walnut with Japanese ones is simple yet modern and has a great sense of Japanese remaining. Kuriyama, who had been raised in Kyoto is exploring many possibilities now.

They are focusing on order made furnitures. Customers can look at samples and have the product made in a factory at the west-north of Kyoto. Lineups of our product is not just the reason to have them. They want to introduce the professional technique of careful manufacturing that cannot be done in mass production. A fine made furniture will last several decades. The longer you use, the longer you get attached to it. And this is a nice point to tell our customers.

knot furniture produce
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