Creative Dining Ujiso-Cocoro

Chazuke, chasoba, sake and many more to dine for

Text: Keiko Nakamura / Photo: Kanya Hiromori

They have a popular Chazuke lunch set that many locals and tourists come for. It is prepared with various Kyoto products, from Uji green tea to the rice harvested with pure water of Sonobe Town, Nantan City and pickles of Kyoto vegetables. I recommend taking a sip of sencha-tea first, then pouring it on the rice. The pure and light taste of the sencha will bring out the natural taste of the ingredients. This ochazuke will go down your throat instantly with the pickles and 3 different side dishes. 

The set comes with a desert which you can chose from 7 sweets. I chose Uji matcha cheese cake. These are available to take away and is actually selling out so fast that they cannot catch up to fill in the open space.


Chasoba set is a long lime popular menu, even before Ujichazuke caught fire as the local gourmet trend. The soba noodle is prepared purely with tencha-tea produced in Uji. Fans of soba come here for this genuine taste.

I was offered one of the night time menu, salmon and cream cheese spring roll and crispy fried pink shrimp.

Chasoba can be ordered alone, and with other toppings like half-boiled egg and grated yam. They have a good collection of drinks, from fruits wine, sake and shocu. Due to the owner's affection for sake and fresh seafood dishes, they have many shochu and sake to go with each dish.

Many customers that had lunch comes back for dinner to stay longer and enjoy relaxing time with the friendly staffs. I myself had that in mind when leaving the place.

Creative Dining Ujiso-Cocoro

ADDRESS: 58 Uji Myoraku, Uji City (map)
TEL: +81(0)774-24-5617
HOURS: Lunch 11:00-15:00 (14:30 L.O.)
             Dinner 17:00-24:00 (Food 23:00, drink 23:30 L.O.)
CLOSED: Lunch irregularly 
              Dinner Thursday