Having a speciality coffee and get back your own sense.

Text & Photo / Haruka Muta

When you visit a chain of coffee shop, you will see people who are working on their laptop computer, or people who open their textbook and notebook to study. I am one of them as well. We all focus on our works and let our coffee cold and waste.

Once in a while, why don’t we just face only toward coffee itself?


Sentido inside
Rough concrete wall and wooden furniture reflecting a light softly. Very simple but feels warm here.

Here at Sentido cafe, grey concrete wall matches with wooden furniture and has a refined interior decoration. It makes us all feel happy to just stay here, but the most fascinating thing is their coffee. The owner, Ms.Doi is the person who are fond of coffee more than anything.

Sentido staffs

The owner, Ms.Doi & Ms.Kitsukawa & Ms.Kanzaki (from left to right)

When she was a high school student, she commuted to a specialty coffee shop and bought their beans every time. While she enjoyed the difference of taste depending on its origin, she got more interested in how they are all made and produced in every country.

In her university days, she visited Brazil and saw directly how their coffee was consumed at a local place and also observed a farmland as well. After she graduated, she went to Australia which had a huge coffee trend at that time then she worked at a local cafe and earned a skill of being Barista.

She said, “After being Barista, I really wanted to tell how important the raw material was and started working at a home-roasted specialty coffee shop called Cafetime. Through that connection, I had a chance to go to a coffee farm in Costa Rica and worked at an coffee beans import company there.”

They sell coffee beans as well.

They sell coffee beans as well.

I buy coffee beans from Cafetime nowadays.

She said, “The owner of Cafetime is the person who participated in an international competition and has a lot of good connection between farms and locals. We always have genuine beans from them.”


Sentido menu

They also have “today’s specialty coffee” which changes every 1 or 3 days. I ordered one and it was from Wahana estate in Indonesia called Rasuna with an explanation of ’Sweet sour of orange and yellow peach’.

The way they brew is with an espresso machine or a french press. I asked them what the differences are.

She answered, “With this espresso machine, it condenses the flavor. The taste will be totally upon Barista’s skill since oil, sweetness and its flavor comes out distinctively. Extraction time needs to be less than 30 seconds. If you prefer french press, then we soak the beans into a hot water for 4 minutes, which means that it makes the coffee slowly but well balanced taste. Paper-drip coffee absorbs oil content, but this french press won’t do that and it tastes thicker and mild.”

I asked them to make one with the espresso machine and put some hot water in it, which is called ‘Americano’.

Sentido espresso

Ms.Kitsukawa, one of baristas here brewed my coffee.

I also ordred a parfait.

Sentido coffee and parfait

This coffee parfait has two different kinds of ice cream, coffee cake, coffee jelly layered inside. On top of them, you can see nuts everywhere. It is slightly sweet and able to enjoy a flavor of coffee and texture as well.

When I brought my face near the coffee cup, the sweetness came upon everywhere and didn’t taste any bitterness but only rich flavor expanding in my mouth. It didn’t leave any bad taste after all. Very soft and smooth.


 Sentido Home-made healthy sweets

Home-made healthy sweets are very popular here. Without using any white sugar, they choose additive-free material as much as possible.

This coffee shop name Sentido is coming from Spanish word meaning ’sense’. Ms.Doi says, “For me, cafe is something like I can get unusual senses. Having a good coffee, listening nice music... I hope my customers can feel something awesome and new while they stay here.”

If you feel busy everyday and almost loosing your own ‘sense’, please visit Sentido and have their specialty coffee.



ADDRESS : 1F Nippo-Karasuma bldg, 445 Sasaya-cho, Chuo-ku, Kyoto city
PHONE : +81(0)75-741-7439
HOURS : 7:30 a.m. ~ 7:00 p.m. L.O. (Saturday and holiday : 8:00 a.m. ~ 6:30 p.m. L.O.)
CLOSED : Sunday