Rent a Cycle EMUSICA Shijo Kawaramachi

Hang out, get some music and ride bike

Text & Photo / Kenta Baba

They name each bike instead of just numbering them;
Most of the staffs are into music;
They do unique events like their 10th anniversary event by chartering Eizan Electric Railway's train.

Rent a Cycle EMUSICA Shijo Kawaramachi

They are Rent a Cycle EMUSICA, with a new branch opened up in Shijo Kawaramachi a year ago. 

What's so significant about their additional branch is that now they can rent out and have the bicycles returned in two different places. No need to go back to the starting point of the trip.

Rent a Cycle EMUSICA Shijo Kawaramachi

Rent a Cycle EMUSICA Shijo Kawaramachi

Rent a Cycle EMUSICA Shijo Kawaramachi

You can rent a bike at Demachiyanagi and return it at Shijo Kawaramachi by paying extra 300 yen. 
Both of the shops are located in a convenient place for travelers, saving time and effort out of the precious holiday.

 Rent a Cycle EMUSICA Shijo Kawaramachi

Rent a Cycle EMUSICA Shijo Kawaramachi

Rent a Cycle EMUSICA Shijo Kawaramachi_CDs

Rent a Cycle EMUSICA Shijo Kawaramachi has a great collection of CDs by indie labels.

 Rent a Cycle EMUSICA_Mr. Takada

This branch is managed by Takada Smile, who is also a musician himself.
He creates pure and humble folk songs.
Affectionate, manly, a bit weak guy, like Japan's popular movie character Tora-san.

You can ask Takada to play the CD if it comes to your interest.

Zenza MC

His recommendation is 'Zenza MC'.
A song titled 'Kan chu-hai' is about a naive man that cannot live without alcohol.

EMUSICA_CD Typhoon Club

I bought a new CD Typhoon Club by Kyoto's 3 piece band. 
It's funny that I ended up leaving a rental bike shop with 2 CDs.

Bar Okonomi Sodanshitsu

There is a Bar Okonomi Sodanshitsu on the 2nd floor. It can be used as a event space and music lives are held there. 

EMUSICA_shop cards

The wall if full of flyer and shop cards.

It's a great place to advertise shops and restaurants to the travelers. 

 EMUSICA surprise Christmas cake

Takada gave a surprise Christmas cake on this day, making guests happy with a warm hospitality.

Chat with people at EMUSICA

It was nice to chat with people that regularly use this place. EMUSICA is not a pub, but it definitely is part of their life that connects people.  


Advanced technology may be lessening some human interactions, but EMUSICA cherishes them well.

Shijo Kawaramachi is a center of tourist area and many shops are more business-like. Still, EMUSICA has a very humanity style going on. 



Rent a Cycle EMUSICA Shijo Kawaramachi

ADDRESS: 1F Namiitaalley Kaikan, 140-9 Saito-cho, Shimogyo-ku 
PHONE: +81(0)50-1035-5316
HOURS: 9:00-22:00