Cafe Phalam

Sensing the freshness of flowers & fruits from coffee.

Text & Photo / Haruka Muta, Kaoru Takagi


The tenderness and juiciness of dark cherry and orange.

Sense of mature liqueur and spicy herb.

These are common expression used by the baristas.

CafePhalam_coffeeThe coffee beans are lightly roasted to leave its freshness.

Cafe Phalam serves speciality coffee that passes the international standard that clarifies production place, producer and its process

You can chose from around 6 beans.

The friendly barista is here to recommend you the beans that suits your taste.

It's quite interesting to listen to the explanation of those beans; that they have an aroma of herb, raisin, nuts and fruits.Precise scaling is crucial to extract good flavor.Precise scaling is crucial to extract good flavor

'Coffee is a fresh product, just like rice and fruits. Their flavor differs by its producers and their land' says the owner, Mr. Yoza.

He's been to the actual producing land in Nicaragua, investigating how they are planted, cropped and produced into coffee.

'I realized how neatly they were grown. It was mesmerizing to see the white flowers of coffee in the mountain field. It smells like sweet jasmin, making me realize once again that they are live plants'

Cafe Phalam is named after a sanskrit word meaning 'fruite' or 'fertility', showing how they want to serve coffee as fruite.


I compared Brazilian gahahe, Indonesian rasuna and Ethiopian mocha sidamo.

The expression I used at the beginning of this report was an expression by one of the barista, Ms. Oguni, on gahahe and rasuna. I was suspicious of these words until I actually tried them myself, but a single sip shocked me with inspiration of 'fruity flavor' and 'richness like liqueur'

The flavor melts into me without any unpleasant taste. I sometimes have stomach ache from drinking too much coffee but this day only left me with a warmness.

I personally liked mocha sidamo, as light as a tea, with fruity flavor.

Oguni explains that 'coffee has a fresh flavor as a fruite, and I want to serve it in the cup leaving their characters'.

CafePhalam_baristaOguni, the barista. She was the semi finalist for Japan Barista Championship 2015

I also tried espresso, with a rich sweetness and tartness.

Cappuccino made from this tasted like milk chocolate, very creamy and amazingly sweet without any sugar.

CafePhalam_food menuFood menu with organic ingredients

Visit to Cafe Phalam taught me that coffee is not merely about tartness.

This cafe will serve a cup full of freshness and richness of the coffee, both for the coffee lovers and those who are not. 


Cafe Phalam

ADDRESS: 1 Floor Shin-Nijo Building, 24 Nishino Kyou Hokusei-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto
PHONE: +81(0)75-496-4843
HOURS: 8:00-21:00(weekends and public holidays 9:00-19:00. L.O. is 30 minutes before closing)
CLOSED: Irregular holidays