Seeking the answer by using your own body! The biggest bouldering gym in Kyoto.

Text & Photo / Haruka Muta

Have you ever tried to climb up a tree and a wall when you were child? Without thinking anything, you just went straight up, didn’t you? Climbing is something that people can get really excited somehow. Once more in your life time, don’t you want to be thrilled and feel some accomplishment again?

A climbing a quay wall without a rope, ’bouldering’ is one of the most popular sports in these days. A lot of sports gyms also start installing their own artificial wall inside. Adsummum has the largest area in Kyoto. From elementary kids to 70 year-old people, about 14,000 people register in its membership without distinction of age or sex.


It locates in a shopping street on Shinkyogoku-Dori. It used to be a movie theatre.

Climbing area is on the third and fourth floor. 4.5 m wall will overwhelm you when you stand right in from of it. It is not quite vertical against a floor, but also it leans upon your heads and completely horizontal. I can’t even imagine myself climbing like a spider...

アドスムム フロア紹介
At a center on the fourth floor, you can see a huge rock shaped like a gigantic mushroom.

アドスムム フロア紹介2

On the third floor, there is a wall around and able to clime anywhere you want to start.

I am not a confident of having a physical strength and an arm power and I am short of exercise, but is it even possible for me to do that?

The manager, Mr.Kimura said, “No worries. I am able to climb up the hardest one here, but look at my arm. This is an average size.” Indeed, he looks kind of skinny overall.


アドスムム店長 木村さん

The manager, Mr.Kimura.

“Just imagine a ladder. You use your feet to climb it up right? Climbing is also the same thing. If you are confident of your arm strength, then you tend to use it to climb up, but then you fall down immediately.”
Unexpectedly, people who have never experienced any sports can make progress in it better than those who have.

 “The most important thing in bouldering is ‘observation’ that you need to plan the way to the goal. Once you get used to it, you start working out your strategy and calculate your weight onto each step. It’s physics, so that we have a lot of members who work in a science field.”

After all, it is a intellectual sports by using your own body and solve the puzzle. You might be able to make yourself fit into this sports even though you don’t do any sports.

アドスムム フロア紹介3
Colorful holds. Colors are separated for each different level.

If you are going to apply for the membership for the first time, there will be 20 minutes guidance and you will take an easy lesson and lecture for the rules. There is a debut pack course that you will be taught how to enjoy your climb for an hour, but you need to make an appointment. If you don’t apply for this course, then you just go there without an appointment.
Shoes and chalk bag are all available as a rental equipment, so you just only need to bring your own town and some clothing you would like to wear after. It’s much better to wear something easy to wash since you are going to get chalk poweder everywhere around you. Basically, this place is available only from the fourth and higher grades of elementary schools, but they sometimes have a trial session that the first grade of elementary school can participate in it with their parents together. You also need to make an appointment for this session, too.



 アドスムム 利用者の様子2

Furthermore, beginners are able to realize their limitations for about 3 hours. Mr.Kimura told me that people are going to have ‘muscle pain like in a hell’, so I would like to suggest you to have a day off for the next day.



ADDRESS : 3F Kyogoku 72 building, 490 Nakasuji-cho, Takoyakushi-agaru, Shinkyogoku-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city
PHONE : +81(0)75-255-5595
HOURS : 10:00 a.m. ~ 10:00 p.m.
CLOSED : Open throughout the year



Caption : There are full of colorful holds on a wall. There are many task sets that you only climb up on chosen holds, and they are all divided into same colors depending on their difficulties.