Soft and light natural yeast donut.

Text & Photo / Haruka Muta

Sweet, soft and rounded donut. Everyone loves a donut for sure. It looks very simple, however, it is fascinating that each store has its own unique taste. There are so many famous donut shops in Kyoto and they catch the hearts of sweets fan.

ひつじ 外観

Hitsuji is a cute donut shop I visit today. Mr.Shimomura and his wife opened here after a bakery called ‘hohoemi’.

Why did they change a bakery to a donut shop?

“We have managed a bakery for 10 years and the reason we changed it into a donut shop was because we got a baby. Since then, we wanted to open a shop to make a healthy and reliable snacks for our baby. We are used to make some donuts since it’s similar way to make a bread and also has some good memories back in the days. We don’t use any artificial additives but instead of that, we use natural yeast and small amount of usual yeast then we let it ferment for a while to make some tasty donut dough.”

ひつじ 下村さん
This is Mrs.Shimomura.

It locates in the area of elementary school and Kokomo Miraikan (a facility dedicated to children and their future) so that you can see kids with their moms and you can hear voice of elementary school kids saying, “Hitsuji” (Hitsuji is Japanese name of sheep).

However, they have not only kids fan, but also I see wide range of customers regardless of age.

ひつじ 内観

They have 17~18 kinds of donuts. You are able to choose sugar in order to put them on top of donut out of Cinnamon, Maple, Wasanbon (refined Japanese sugar), and Kinako (roasted soybean flour). These are also all natural ingredients. They want you to taste the deliciousness of natural flavor simply and directly.

ひつじ 商品

Moreover, they have an idea and effort in order to have you eat their donuts better.

She says, “When the time goes by, all these donuts get hard so that we try to fry them as many times as possible in a day little by little because we want the customers to eat the best one.”

No wonder, Hitsuji’s donut is always soft and light. I would recommend everyone who visit here to eat a donut right away.

I ordered, ‘Plain donut’, ‘English tea flavor with cream cheese and brown sugar’, and ‘Sprouted brown rice with Tamba black bean (roasted soybean flour).


ひつじ 商品2
From left to right, ‘English tea flavor with cream cheese and brown sugar’, ‘Plain donut (cinnamon), and ‘Sprouted brown rice with Tamba black bean (roasted soybean flour)’

First of all, I eat ‘plain donut’ with cinnamon sugar on top. Extraordinary softness and lightness on my tongue and I taste something good simply out of its own with tenderness. The donut is worthy of the bakery.

‘English tea flavor with cream cheese and brown sugar’ has genuine Earl Grey tea leaves inside. Soft texture with smooth cheese, and a harmony of Earl Grey flavor can make a beautiful music inside of my mouth.

‘Sprouted brown rice with Tamba black bean (roasted soybean flour)’ is totally different texture from either of donuts I had. A lot of brown rice growing with reduced agricultural chemicals and soy milk are kneaded into a donut dough, so outside is crispy and inside is puffy. Little bitter black beans are the accent of this whole taste. Roasted soybean flour on the surface of the donut includes black beans as well.

ひつじ 商品3
This is their popular rusk since their bakery ‘hohoemi’.

I ate three of them immediately by myself. I really recommend you to eat their soft and light donut like a sheep fur.

Furthermore, there is a tendency that all the donuts they make will be gone quickly on Saturday, so if you really want to eat them, then please go there as soon as possible.



ADDRESS : 1F 355-1 Ooi-cho, Tominokoji Ebisugawa agaru, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city
PHONE : +81(0)75-221-6534
HOURS : 11:00 a.m. ~ 6:00 p.m. (Limited Supply)
CLOSED : Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and holidays (There would be a special holiday)
FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/ひつじドーナツ-361742430621952/