Today is more delicious than yesterday and tomorrow will be much more delicious than today.  ‘A bakery which never ever stop growing’.

Text & Photo / Haruka Muta

There are a number of delicious bakeries in Kyoto, but CHIPPRUSON is different from any others.

Their breads are extraordinary and amazingly good, but still they are growing everyday and never stop.



The manager, Mr.Saito told that they started making a bread as their hobby. Before they opened the shop in 2013, they were teachers at bakery class.

“When we were making breads as a hobby, we used a blog and SNS to spread how to make breads to the others. We spent about 5 or 6 years for that and we slightly got ourselves more into flour and our blogs and SNS became something like a diary of our study. Then, a wholesaler which carries bread and snack ingredients asked us to do a bakery class at their place.”


The manager, Mr.Saito.

We have about 13 ~ 15 kinds of breads for sale, but we use 10 kinds of flour.

“I don’t think any other bakeries like our scale use this much of flour, but nothing is more important to us than our dough. We use flour by thinking the combination ratio like a blueprint and make some differences in each taste.”

One kind of flour is coming from France, and all the others are coming from Hokkaido. They choose all the flour from organic farming and reduced agricultural chemicals.

I finally order ‘vegetable bread’, ‘baguette’, and ’Shimenawa bread’.


a vegetable bread

Things on top of the vegetable bread, they are all organic farmed vegetables from their farmer friends. All these vegetables has strong tastes surprisingly and go with Spanish tomato sauce wrapped around by a soft bread.

Topping cheese is mixed with tofu so that it tastes lighter than I expected.



Baguette has a very rich flavor. The texture is very soft and as if it melted in my mouth. I feel the sweetness of natural yeast and fragrant smell out of my nose. Without a butter on top, I enjoy just as it is.

Shimenawa bread

When I interviewed them, it was almost a New Year's Eve, so I ordered ‘Shimenawa (a shape of twisted rope at a shrine gate) bread’. A puffy texture and it has kind and sweet sugar around it. It looks very cute, but the taste is stronger than it looks.

All these 3 breads taste totally different from each other so that I feel very excited to eat one at a time. I spend very good time there.


It locates right next to the famous Funaoka Onsen. It used to be a part of it so that you can see majolica tiles on its interior design.

Now, we can see a lot of high quality bread at this bakery, but when they opened their shop, they couldn’t even open often. They had been through for a year saying at the entrance, “When we finish baking, we open”.

“We preferred something difficult so that we couldn’t do anything with efficiency and a rhythm. We had a strong will but not a lot of physical strength at that time. However, our customers supported us and we were able to get over those problems. Sometimes, our regular customers still tell us that we are getting better and better.”

More than half of their customers are the people who keeps coming here since the bakery opened.

“In order to bake our bread better and better, and also to grow together with our customers, we made our concept as ‘a bakery which never ever stop growing’. Since our regular customers have seen us since its beginning, therefore we think they support us really well.”

All the bread lovers, please look forward to their growth and enjoy their superb bread with chosen flour in perfect ratio.



ADDRESS : 82-1-1 Minamifunaoka-cho, Murasakino, Kita-ku, Kyoto city.
PHONE : +81(0)75-366-8067
HOURS : 2:00 p.m. ~ 7:00 p.m. (It opens at 11:00 a.m. along with cafe on Monday and Friday)
CLOSED : Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday