In between a standing bar and a lounge.

Text & Photo / Kenta Baba

This is the second bar recommendation by Takada Smile after the first one called ’Saiin Cocoro’ with a reason of how amazing the Saiin town is.

It takes about 5~10 minutes from Saiin Station to Eramasa right next to ‘Saiin Cocoro’


エラマサ エラマサ

This awesome bar also will be the reason why people would like to live in Saiin town.


Eramasa is a bar that is owned by Hiroyuki Inoue, who used to be a bassist in a representative punk rock band in Kyoto called LIQUID SCREEN.
It has been 7 months since they opened this bar, but it looks like it has been here for a long time.

Once you hear that people who love punk rock music will gather around here, you probably imagine that it would be little bit dark inside and you will see a red wall around, but as you can see some photos here, interior furnishing is very natural, and also has a perfect balance in its own atmosphere. 

エラマサIn between a standing bar and a lounge.

It has a casual standing bar atmosphere that you don’t feel any walls between the person who sits right next to you. Moreover, you can have a seat like in a lounge and able to enjoy drinks and meals on your pace. That is why we call here, ‘In between a standing bar and a lounge.’





There are so many dishes on a menu on this black board and it says that what you can see is all side dishes for drinks. You are going to regret if you eat something before you come here since all these foods are amazingly delicious and makes you feel you want to eat more and more.



What I recommend is all kinds of Sashimi here. They mainly buy all these fresh fishes from their friend who works at Kyoto Central Market and you see some rare fishes that you don’t see around and also very expensive one too and they are all only 500 yen! Unbelievable! They told me that there was no secret of making a price cheap because making Sashimi is just their hobby which means that they never think of the margin at all.


’Sabaki-zushi’ (Mackerel) ¥500

Mr.Inoue is from Tango region right next to the Sea of Japan. He said, “I am very used to dress fish since I was a little boy.” However, when I take a look at his cook, I thought that his talent had something more than that and makes me feel like asking him where he trained to cook.

 エラマサOden price is between 70 yen to 150 yen for each ingredient. The taste is superb. I couldn’t help myself to ask him if he trained himself at any other famous restaurant or not and he just told me and laughed, “I was playing just bass in a punk rock band before.”
Soup soaks into egg perfectly and so delicious.

エラマサ‘Confit of chicken gizzard’ ¥300

I order ‘Confit’ and it breaks softly inside of my mouth and the taste spreads all over.



Enjoyable appearance menu ‘spicy fried canned mackerel and okra’ ¥380

Eramasa has so many menu with lots of home-grown cilantro. Honestly, I didn’t like cilantro but somehow I was able to eat it a lot here. It’s not a kind of cilantro you eat in Thailand. This is something that makes a harmony with other ingredient together.




Regular customer told me to eat this ‘An omelet with cilantro and zha cai (Szechuan pickles). ¥380

This is the miraculous dish that people who doesn’t like to eat cilantro is able to eat them.


There is also a menu that you can add cilantro as much as you like into this tom yum goong cup noodle.


エラマサThey have a lot of delicious foods so that I naturally order drinks too much. Their drink speciality is CHU-HAI (Shochu highball).



You can imagine that they have famous cilantro chu-hai, can’t you? Moreover, these chu-hai drinks are not something that you had before at any other bars. Mr.Inoue got impressed to have this ‘Non-sweet chu-hai’ at his secret bar long time ago and he studied how to make one perfectly. Now, why don’t you have this and tell your friends how different and delicious it is?

 自家製のパクチーをつかった料理も激推しです。  正直にいうと、私事ですみませんながら  パクチーは苦手だったのですが      ここのパクチーはもう超絶おいしくて   また組み合わせがすばらしくてほんとうにパクチーにたいする見方がまるっきり変わりました。タイに行くと、これみよがしに入ってくるパクチーではなく、完全に調和したパクチー。     「」  これがほんとうにおいしかった。奇跡の組み合わせ。         トムヤムクンヌードルにも、パクチーのせまくり。      ‘Lemon chu-hai’ with a fresh taste and you might want to order more and more and it might be too late to see yourself got drunk too much. ¥350

They have only ‘Kurokirishima’, a sweet potato shochu, and ‘Nikaido’, a barley shochu. They have only one kind of Japanese sake called ‘Shuten-Doji’.


I wonder why every dish is so delicious and the atmosphere is very bright here. Whatever I ask to Mr.Inoue, he only answers to me, “I was in a punk rock band” and also he tells me the reason why he started this bar is because he just came up with an idea and that was it.
I thought that it might be useless to ask any questions I have, but I tried and he told me things he planned when he started this bar.


テーブル席もあるよNot only just a counter they have, you can also have a table seat as well.

He got influenced by a pub culture in the UK when he toured with his band crew. People in the pub talked passionately in a flat relationship each other and some expectations that something new might have happened.


He said, “Let’s say, when you go to this kind of bar, you speak your idea out to the people and there would be a possibility that you start having a rock band crew next morning.”


A person who sat right next to me said, “I am able to enjoy the atmosphere even though I don’t drink alcohol.”

It is like customers enjoy its live music with their foods menu and Mr.Inoue also enjoys himself with his staffs there. If I need to relate their atmosphere to a music world, they practice so hard behind the stage, but once they play in front of the audiences, they enjoy themselves with full effort.




We, as customers also have a really good time with their amazing dishes and drinks.

I only visited here twice and promised myself that I would not get drunk, but you can imagine how I ended up. I think it doesn’t matter if you stay in downtown in Kyoto or even in Osaka. This is the place that you definitely need to check out if you seek for something fun. (I would rather stayed in a hotel near by this bar though.)




ADDRESS : #105 Second Shinwa-kaikan, 46-2 Kitakake-cho, Saiin Kita, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto city.
PHONE : +81 (0)75-322-2230
HOURS : 6:30 p.m. ~ 1:00 a.m.
CLOSED : irregular holidays
FACEBOOK : Eramasa Facebook Page