Kobayashi Yoshizo Shoten

A dining place for everyone.

 Text & Photo by Kenta Baba


From Kyoto station, it takes 5 minutes to get there by walking.
There is an event space which opens newly in this summer in Nanajo-shinmachi.


It’s called Kobayashi Yoshizo Shoten.


We actually get to know about this place by a friendship between the chief editor of BEACON KYOTO, Ado Ishino, and a fashion model and designer, Jun Hagan who used to be on a fashion magazine which Ishino previously worked for.


Kobayashi Yoshizo Shoten is the rental event space managed by Jun’s parents.


Jun’s grand father, Yoshizo Kobayashi, used to own this place as Konamonoya (a store specializing in grain such as rice and wheat). Jun and his parents renovate this old traditional Japanese house into something they dream of one by one.


A document says that it used to be a place for local people gathering around and exchanging information. By succeeding its tradition, they name this place as it was before in order to create the updated ‘Social lounge’.


The biggest special feature of Kobayashi Yoshizo Shoten is that they have a kitchen and dining in the center.

Jun and his parents are both highly interested in ‘food’, and it goes to a usual ‘gathering’ and a special occasion ‘party’.

This place has a heart which makes us feel that we love to spend times and atmosphere together with lots of people by seating at a usual dining table.


Moreover, you can see a spacious well-kept garden! When we visited this place, it was very sunny day having a soft sunshine coming into it with a gentle breeze.  Awesome scenery with a calm atmosphere... I was almost going to stay there forever.



Beyond the garden, there is a small house renovated as a detached room. It totally makes us feel like living there with comfortable beds, couches, and even with a pellet stove.




In addition, there is a traditional Japanese room on a 2nd floor of a main house. 2 tatami rooms and living room in a center.

These rooms are going to be available as an accommodation from spring in 2016.


Rental cost will be ¥20,000- for 8 hours with a main event space and kitchen together (maximum capacity : 20) and it perfectly sounds reasonable. Why don’t you have a home party, cooking class, any events you prefer, and it seems everything is possible here.



You can take a look at some examples of what they had before ;



photo from Kobayashi Yoshizo Shoten in Kyoto

A marché called Kurashino-receipt which is organized by design creators and people from fashion farm in Kyoto.


photo from Kobayashi Yoshizo Shoten in Kyoto

A food event and cooking class mainly focused on Koji (mould grown on rice, early, beans, flowers, etc.) with an appointment system.



photo from Kobayashi Yoshizo Shoten in Kyoto

Here is an couple who had a hand-made wedding reception recently.


Kobayashi Yoshizo Shoten in future.

What they are looking forward is to have a cultural exposure place for tourists from inside and outside of Japan with local people in Kyoto together in future.

Jun says that he is going to focus on a food event first, and after that he would like to have something related to Kyoto culture more.

For example, such as a workshop inviting a tea producer, or it could be a lecture of sake, koji, and shoyu by professionals.




He is also planning to have a cafe providing coffee and tea at a space on a 1st floor which they use as an office now.



Only 5 minutes by walking from Kyoto station. It is very accessible.

This is going to be the place that people in Kyoto and tourists come together and make a new community. We also imagine that we would love to do something interesting as BEACON KYOTO here.



If you are interested in this rental space, please contact : (kazuko.k@yoshizoshoten.com)


〈Kobayashi Yoshizo Shoten〉
ADDRESS : 703 Ebisuno-cho, Shinmachi Nishi-iru, Shichijo-Dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-city (MAP)
PHONE : +81 (0)75-371-7815
HOURS : 10:00 a.m. ~ 20:00 p.m.
WEBSITE : http://yoshizoshoten.com