&noma CAFE

With a feeling of traveling in Europe, the extraordinary moment will await you at '&nomaCAFE'

Text & Photo by Haruka MutaWhat do you exactly look for at a cafe?

It might be delicious coffee and dessert or a stylish interior decoration.

However, what I think the most is a time. A time that we are able to relax not to think of any hectic moments in our life. Looking for some peace somewhere around the corner and finally find it at a cafe you can totally relax.

&noma CAFE is exactly what I am looking for to get away from business in our daily life. They also have a gallery called ‘noma’ which carries vintage North European table wears.


Once you enter a while refined building, you first see a wooden chandelier. It looks like a modern work of art, but they told me that it was made in around 1800.

The manager, Ms.Nakanishi says, “These tables and chairs are all vintage european furniture. I try to make the atmosphere that my customers can have some extraordinary time with it.”

You can take a look at Biwakososui River and cherry blossom trees through this huge window and this also counts in this precious time, too.


The manager, Ms.Nakanishi

You are able to order a set menu not only in lunch time. Today, I had heated vegetable salad set.

A set, heated vegetable salad

If you add 300 yen, you are able to drink a glass of wine and beer as well. I actually had a glass of wine at this time.

While I was watching plates and a glass on the table, it perfectly matches with its own atmosphere and makes me feel that I do travel in Europe somehow.


8~10 kinds of seasonal vegetables are used in this main dish

These vegetables are grilled and cooked with 300℃ in a special steam oven, so that it is very juicy inside. A plenty of home-made tapenade sauce enhances all the vegetable flavor.

Serving along with a main dish, there is a carrot potage and rye bread.


Ms.Nakanishi also says, “I grill carrots first before making them as a soup to let its sweetness stronger as usual.

I only use salt and ground pepper instead of using bouillon. It becomes my speciality and gets really popular since I opened this cafe.”

This carrot potage soup, you won’t believe that she only uses vegetable... superb taste. No wonder there are a lot of fans for this taste.


The reason why she chooses rye bread is because it goes with vegetable really well. It looks very small, but it is little heavier than you think and very filling.

Fresh baked cake. As you can see some in the glass case, there is a scone I love.

Not only their dishes are home made, but also desserts are. Their scone is very popular here and surprisingly their regular customers call them to save it for their visiting. A set fills my stomach already so I couldn’t order it, but I will next time.

After I interviewed them, I went outside and felt a gentle autumn breeze.

This street along the Biwakososui River gives me the same refreshing vibes that '&noma CAFE' has. On the way back home I was almost humming to myself because of the delicious seasonal vegetable dish, or that calm atmosphere.



<&noma CAFE>
ADDRESS : 36-1 Enshoji-cho Okazaki, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto city (MAP)
PHONE : +81(0)75-752-3157
HOURS : 11:00 a.m. ~ 7:00 p.m. (L.O. 6:30 p.m.)
CLOSED : MONDAY (If it’s a holiday, Tuesday will be closed)
WEBSITE : http://noma-k.com/cafe/