meal, early morning preparations for 65 years with love and fondness.

Photo & Text / Ado Ishino


Great meal.


Such a simple encountering makes me

very much delighted.

I even go as far as thanking for my life being born as a human.


There are few factors that make a meal 'great'



・cooking procedure


And on top of these

'love' makes a big difference.


I guess I get this from my mother's meals that been always been prepared for me hoping that I would like it, hoping that it will be tastely,with lots of love and caring for me.


I felt this with 's meal. That there is a love in it.

I don't know what exactly, but I just felt it.


I ordered Today's special lunch.

Typical Japanese foods on the menu.

And this is my Today's special lunch meal.

I start by the side dish.

'Yumm...' I murmur.

Juicy tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled omelette) is full of dashi (Japanese soup stock),

marinated veggie is fresh and also complemented by gentle dashi,

pork cutlet is crispy but not oily with rich meat juice and sauce 

shiningly cooked rice will keep me going until I realise I've finished the meal in just a few minutes.


My grandmother used to tell me to 'chew well', sorry but I couldn't follow this rule now.


Looking around, I saw more dished waiting to be taken.

Each of them gives me a craving...


'We started off serving side dishes'

says the owner, Mr. Hisao Fujii.

'Working people used to have very limited time before.

So they would chose the side dish to go with the basic rice & miso soup set.

Chose fast and eat fast. It was like that in those times.

Some people stopped by with a car to quickly pick up some food.

Nowadays, people have plenty of time for lunch, enough to order and eat in.

So we started meal sets.'


There are some dished inside the fridge next to the counter.

Many dishes that can be added to the meal sets.

'The old customers will still order separately, their favorite dish with rice & soup'

Otsukuri (sashimi) was sold out!

I told him how a great meal will make me happy


'I've been preparing food from as early as 5 o'clock for 65 years. There are many convenient stores selling foods in their own new style, but I want my customers to eat proper food. So I prepare them carefully and well'


These food are being prepared from 5 in the morning, for 65 years.

Now I know why I felt the 'love' when I ate 's meal.


Love and fondness makes the spice.

Now is the season for Kintoki's popular kasu-jiru (sake lees soup).


Mr. Fujii showed me the freshly arrived sake kasu (lees left over from sake production)

'I know that it is time efficient if I cook it in a huge pot, but I prepare each bowl after getting the order'


Each bowl is cooked in a traditional style. Sake kasu's flavor and fresh ingredients is so rich and warm, perfect for winter.


 also serves take away order.

Mr. Fujii showed me some photos.

'I take photos thinking that it would come useful someday' 

This is an artwork...

My desire as a editor starts to heat up, creating an image of Kintoki Book...


 is also open for dinner.


'We get customers from near by offices, as well as travelers staying at hotel and guesthouses that has recently opened'


Here is a tip for enjoying night time Kintoki.


'First, take a seat with your choice of the side dish. Then go on adding more dishes while you enjoy beer or shochu. The old customers all do so. If I have the ingredients, I can take personal requests too'


Beer with tasty dishes full of love, my favorite style. I should definitely come back at night.


'I want people to eat our food and get healthy'

65 years of cooking love and fondness in to the food.


Taste them in  meal.


Address: 53-2 Kakimotocho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto (map)

Phone: +81(0)75-811-5903

Hours: 11:00-15:00 17:00-21:00ish

Closed: Sunday, public holidays