Cozy place to stay for a trip like local

Text & photo / Kenta Baba 


There are various types of place to stay in Kyoto, a city popular among tourists worldwide.

Ryokan (Japanese style hotel), hotel, guesthouse and many more.

Your choice to stay will depend greatly on who you are traveling.

If you are alone, you might like guesthouses where there is a bigger chance to meet and get to know other guests. If you are in two, a hotel might do.

On the other hand, family and groups will definitely suit renting a whole machiya (Kyoto's townhouse). 


HATAGOYA KARASUMAGOJO is just 5 minutes walk from Gojo Station.
It just opened this summer, in 2015, renovating a 80 year-old traditional machiya.
Some parts are left traditionally, whereas some have changed in a unique way.
Hatagoya Karasumagojo has a very fine balance of its own.



The structure is indeed quite unique.


There are two entrances along a narrow path that is so Kyoto-like, narrow only for a single person to go through.


Let's go in from this entrance.


There is a kitchen and a living room up the stairs.



Guests can cook here with local materials that they can purchase at supermarkets and shopping street.
Nabe (Japanese hot pot) would be great for cold winter season. Card games would be fun to play in a room like this, but let's be careful not to get too excited after midnight.



Daylight comes in well.


There is a bathroom and a shower room in the 1st floor. The bathtub is made from hinoki (cypress).



Hinoki bath always gives luxurious feeling. Bathroom is indeed very critical in choosing place to stay. 



This is another entrance, which leads to two bedrooms.



Both rooms are big enough for 3-4 futons (Japanese mattress).


View from the opposite side.


Across the hallway,

is another room just about the same size.


Both rooms have their own toilet.

 Place where you can find many 'right' things

The guest will be renting the whole machiya so you can feel like at home.
It is totally up to you how to enjoy the place.


'We get new ideas from our guests in how to enjoy the place'

says the owner Mr. Tsujimoto


For example:

Alumni reunion and sightseeing in Kyoto
4-5 friends from university in Gifu decided to get together and were looking for a place convenient to gather and also fun to go around.
They chose Kyoto. The location and concept of Hatagoya was perfect.


・3 generation family trip
The two rooms are convenient for a 3 generation family trip.
Grandparents can stay in one room and another can be used by the children's family.


There are some requests that local people want to use the place as a gathering spot.

Explore Gojo area

As Sano Wataru from iroiro is mentioning in TRAVEL IDEA article, Gojo is located in between Kyoto Station and busy downtown of Sijo area.
Convenient place to access both area by foot.
Many new shops and restaurants are opening here and is becoming more and more interesting.

Since it had not been so crowded before, the long operating restaurants and bars are really good ones that can only have survived if they weren't so. 





Address: 92-1 Wakamiya-dori Gojo Agaru Nunoya-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto (map)
Price: 1 night ¥45,000~
Check in: 15:00~18:00
Check out:11:00
Facilities: 2 bedrooms (Japanese type), living room, kitchen (dishwasher, microwave, fridge), bathroom (hinoki bath, shower room), free bathroom amenities, hair dryer, free WiFi, etc.



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