Bakery, Maruki Seipan-jo

Showa-retro yet fresh bakery,

―  Photo_KENTA BABA & ADO ISHINO, Original Text_HARUKA MUTA, Translation_MEGUMI SATO


Breads lined up in a counter facing the road.


Young, old, female and male, all sorts of customer comes to do a quick shopping at this bakery.

The owner Mr. Kimoto and staffs all have a cheerful expression making me expect that any food made by such a happy people must make me feel the same.


お話を聞かせてくださった木元さんMr. Kimoto, the owner.

was opened in 1947, at the ground floor of a machiya (Kyoto’s town house).

According to Mr. Kimoto, the recipe has remained the same for 68 years. I asked if there is any special method that has been carried down, but he answered ‘nothing’

‘I’m just trying to bake something good. I am careful not to put in additives’

He starts preparing the dough at 3 o’clock in the morning to keep the freshness. No special method may be needed as long as there is such a hard working spirit.


There is around 60 different bread in a small shop. The popular series is the sandwiches made with a long bun.

ロールパンのサンドウィッチが色々ありますMany different long bun sandwiches

The most popular is ham roll, a simple sandwich with cabbage and ham. It has been loved by the customers ever since they started selling it 40 years ago.

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We had them for lunch after finishing the interview.

First I was surprised by the freshness of cabbages. Then the tastiness of the ham, gentle sweetness of the bun. It will make me happy to start a new day if I were to have this as a breakfast.

The volume of croquette sandwich should make a hungry person happy. The fried croquette and fresh cabbage is a great match.

An pan (sweet beans paste filling)

I had an pan with coffee. I can feel the volume of sweet beans paste just by holding it. Gentle sweetness is more like a sandwich than a sweet pastry.


The retro bakery also comes up with new menu every now and then.

‘When I see customers not being able to make up their mind, I feel that there is nothing they want. So I try to think of a new menu’

店員の方が、BEACON KYOTOのZINEに興味をもってくださいました!Staff with BEACON KYOTO’s printed ZINE


さらに、店員の皆さん。「ハイ、マルキ〜」のかけ声でナイススマイルいただきました。Staffs giving ‘Marukiiiiiii’ smile to the camera

Kyoto is a battleground for stylish bakeries that calls themselves boulangerie but holds both the retro warmth and freshness. I’m sure you can find the Japanese style breads there.


Address: 740 Matsubara Dori Horikawa Nishiiru Kitamonzen cho, Shimogyo-ku (map)
Phone: +81(0)75-821-9683
Hours:6:30-20:00 / Sundays & public holidays 7:00-14:00
Closed: None (irregular holidays may occur)