Hakusanyu Takatsuji

Relax yourself in Kyoto’s pure water

Kyoto is rich city of water, and the water well is known for the high quality water.

is a public bath using such pure water pumped up from 60 m underneath.

‘There shouldn’t be any other public bath that is using as much water as we do. We have the water running all the time time to keep the then in the bathtub clean’ says Mr. Yokoyama the owner.

‘There is even some customer that brings back our water for cooking saying that they are soft’

フロントFront counter浴室Bathing area

is furnished with shampoo, conditioner and body soaps. Towels are rented out for 30 yen so people can go there without preparing any items.

There are 6 different bath including sauna.

The red colored jet bath was interesting. This bath changes 13 type of water day-by-day and for my visit, I hadjikkou no yu (one kind of herb).

薬用湯。この日は「じっこうの湯」Herbal bath, jikko for this day日替わりの薬用湯。全13種List of 13 types of day-to-day herbal bath

There is an electric bath that runs low level electrics to stimulate the muscle and are popular among people with back aches. According to Mr. Yokoyama, we shouldn’t be too scared with ‘electric’, it is just a minor sting and it actually feels good if you soak your body in.

There are many fans for sauna, too. They usually go 3-4 rounds, some even 7-8 between sauna and cold bath of around 17-18 degrees.

‘There are many beer lovers among the sauna fans. A beer after a good sauna is great!’

Imagining this is giving me a big crave too.

サウナの後は…After this sauna…天然水の水風呂へCool natural water bath


I have very few experience in public bath so I asked Mr. Yokoyama how I should enjoy the place.

1) First we need to wash our body before going into any tubs.

2) A herbal tab with relatively mild temperature is good to start with.

3) Take a few round between sauna and cool bath.

4) Go in the big tub at the center, one is the jet bath, the other a hot & deep one. An electric bath at this point may also be good.


お話を聞かせてくださった横山さんMr. Yokoyama

Some customers come everyday. That is how much public bath means to some people. Most of the houses have their own bath, but why do some still comes here?

‘Bathing at home have a sense of compulsory, but public bath is somewhere people come to relax and enjoy. It is spacious, clean and warm. Conversation can also be enjoyable. It is totally different from home’



Address: 665 Higashi Nakasuji Dori Matsubara Agaru Funaya cho, Shimogyo ku, Kyoto (map)
Phone: +81(0)75-351-3648
Hours: 15:00 – 24:00 / Sunday & public holiday 7:00-24:00
Closed: Saturday