Breakfast at Spanish bar. Enjoy  from morning till dark.

A Spanish bar that has become popular within this few years. There are some branches in Kyoto as well, and I sometimes go there.

BUT, this is the first time I go in for breakfast. down the Karasuma Gojo is open from 7:30 till past 23:00, very uncommon.



There is a wonderful morning menu with wine, but this day, I had a proper breakfast, with a popular menu of croissant and churro.

I ordered Spanish dishes, conleche, tortilla and churro.

Conleche, which is part of the restaurant name, is Spanish coffee with milk.

The coffee beans are from Tamaya Coffee in Kyoto. Finely roasted and mild beans to go with the milk.

Steamed milk softly cuddles the coffee’s aroma. It has a light sweetness without sugar. A mild coffee that relaxes the stomach.

S size for 260 yen, so reasonable!

‘The price is set to be an amount that people can come by many times on the same day. The espresso culture is well established in Spain, where there are many cafe that people enjoys a coffee standing, very casually. I am hoping that such a style will become common in Japan too’ says the master Mr. Noda.

There were businessmen enjoying a conleche and newspaper, probably before going to work.

On top of being reasonable, they have free wi-fi so many tourist from nearby guesthouses comes to gather information on internet.

TortillaTortillaチュロス / Churroチュロス / Churro

Tortilla and churro came to compliment my drink.

Tortilla is a Spanish omelette also popular during the bar time. Plenty of olive oil and aioli sauce with garlic had appetizing smell. It comes with a toast so only this could be enough for breakfast.

Crispy churro had a bit of salt. It is served with chocolate sauce. This is also a good volume to fill the stomach. Spanish people often eat this while drinking hot chocolate.


is enjoyable from morning, lunch, cafe and dinner.

Next time come, I’m going to enjoy daytime tortilla and wine.



〈Santres CONLECHE〉

Address: Toyosaka Building 102 392 Osakacho, Karasuma Gojo Kudaru, Simogyo-ku, Kyoto(map)
Phone: +81(0)75-351-2211
Hours: Tuesday-Friday 7:30〜11:30 /  17:00〜24:00
Saturday 7:30〜11:30 / 15:00〜24:00
Sunday 15:00〜23:00
Holiday: Monday