Uji tea sold by a weighing shop.

- photo&text/ KENTA BABA

-translation/ MEGUMI SATO



Unique characteristics of Fushimi’s history as a logistics hub can be found in old shops like this one, a weighing shop.

is a classical Uji tea shop selling tea leafs by weight.


They have fine selection of Uji tea based on taste and aroma, from maccha, gyokuro, sencha, genmai-cha and kyoban-cha made in a traditional style.


Original houji-cha made with the know-how learned from a tea house in Uji. This is especially popular as souvenir. Nintendo’s former chairman Mr. Yamauchi had been a big fan of this tea leaf himself, and had also been giving it away to family and friends in many occasions.


Houji-cha is easy to brew and make tea compared to gyokuro and sencha it can be enjoyed by people more casually.


They also sale teaware to enjoy the tea.


Original wooden measure (traditionally used to measure and weigh products) is also good for souvenir.


was founded in 1871. It was a designated weighing shop by the government’s strict measuring regulation when it is was crucial to weigh things correctly and without any fraud.


The building is even older than the business. It was built in the latter age of Edo, around 1841.


Today, the Ryoma Street leading to Teradaya is more popular and crowded, but back before, the Aburakake Street had been the main street. Aburakake Street was the street used as the path for sankinkotai (the system under which feudal lords in the Edo period were required to spend every other year in residence in Edo).


Ryoma Street shopping street.


Part of the shop is used as a cafe space serving maccha ice cream and sweets as well as their tea.


Weighing shop selling Uji tea . The shop itself is representing the history and characteristic of Fushimi.

If you have a chance to visit Fushimi, do take a break here and try out their tea or buy some back as a souvenir.



Address: 108 Aburakakecho, Fushimi, Kyoto(map)
Phone: +81(0)75-611-0087
Hours: 9:30-18:30
Holiday:  Irregular holidays
Website: http://yasumoto-chaho.com