Inoda Coffee head shop

Among so many great coffee shops in Kyoto, 'Inoda Coffee head shop' represents as 'the coffee shop' in the city. They started a business in 1940, and now it's nationwide.   1-イノダコーヒー本店@ They split the shops into the older one (left) and the main one (right).   15-IMG_9506 You need to enter the main shop first. After you go through a shop curtain which is rare to see as a coffee shop in these days with a style of traditional townhouse look.   12-IMG_9502 The interior of the main shop has a high ceiling, big windows, and spacious round tables. It is very modern look. There are seats available on the second floor as well and the total amount of seats are 211 adding main and older shops together.     06-IMG_9486 On a clear day, you are able to relax on the terrace. It was during the pruning operation on that day, so we were only able to take a photo of how it looks like without customers.     08-IMG_9491 Once you come here, this is the breakfast I recommend you to have. 'Kyoto breakfast' (¥1,380) Fresh vegetables, orange, scrambled egg, delicious croissant, and juicy ham. Tasty and sweet orange juice and absolutely there should be a coffee. It's a bit more expensive than any other coffee shops, but this breakfast, which totally looks like an expensive hotel one, makes you feel rich in the morning, very delicious, and at the same time it will satisfy you with great pleasure.   10-IMG_9494 Table service is very polite and you are going to start off your day as if you stayed in a sophisticated hotel.   13-IMG_9504 We felt that a lot of customers came in, but we were able to spend some times relaxing since there are so many seats.   02-IMG_9477 A passage between the main and older shops. The older shop has 70 year-old coffee maker, a coffee pot and a wall clock. It seems like they still have a smell and atmosphere in good old days. Next time, we are going to have a retro experience in the older shop.   The essay, 'Mukashi no Aji' (A flavor from the good old days) by Shotaro Ikenami speaks very highly of 'beef cutlet sandwich' and popular 'french toast'. It sounds they have so many good dishes, so that we have to come back here again and the next time should be in the day and evening time.   17-IMG_9508 【Shop Information】 ADDRESS : 140 Doyu-cho, Sanjo Sagaru, Sakaimachi-Dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-city PHONE : +81(0)75-221-0507 HOURS : 7:00 a.m. ~ 7:00 p.m. (be open throughout the year) SEATS : 1F 156 seats , 2F 55 seats, Total 211 seats. (Smoking is not allowed except in designated smoking room) English menu available.