Shochu (Japanese clear liquor), beer and Lemon Sour (Shochu with soda and fresh lemon). Edamame (green soybeans), chicken skewer and cold tofu. An oasis for men who work really hard. These are the images of a typical standing bar like this and it is very crowded with people as usual tonight. IMG_5892 This area called 'Sai' has a Showa era and miscellaneous atmosphere among other places in Kyoto. This is the transferring point to go to Osaka by Hankyu Kyoto Line (station name : Saiin), and to go to Arashiyama by Keifuku Electric Railroad Arashiyama Main Line (station name : Sai). We assume that this old town atmosphere was culturally imported from Osaka since the railroad doesn't come across downtown area of Kyoto. IMG_5888 It takes a minute from Saiin station. You can find this standing bar among several in 'Orizuru Kaikan'. There are old men who perfectly fit this atmosphere, younger people who are not used to drinking, and undergraduate girls who look totally fine with this environment standing around a counter. It seems that an oasis for men who work really hard becomes past. A standing bar, an oasis for everyone, eating skewers and drinking Shochu highball. Well, where do you want to drink after this?   【Shop Information】 ADDRESS : Orizuru Kaikan, 15 Saiin Kozanji-cho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-city (MAP) PHONE : +81(0)75-316-0708 HOURS : 5:00 p.m. ~ 12:00 a.m. CLOSED : Sunday