cafe Amazon

  From Nanajo station toward Higashiyama, slightly before Sanjusangen-do Temple which is well-known for Senju Kannon (thousand-armed goddess), you will see a coffee shop called 'cafe Amazon'.   02-IMG_9529 About 10 seats are available on the first floor mainly at a counter. However, the first floor will be crowded with local customers since the morning, so if you visit there for the first time, they will show your table to the second floor mostly.   04-IMG_9538 9 seats at a counter on the second floor by the window and 12 seats at tables.   03-IMG_953705-IMG_9540 06-IMG_9546 Breakfast A set has a slice of thick toast, a boiled egg, salad, and coffee. It is only ¥500 and you can see a small sandwich set and a hot cake set as well on the menu. All ¥500 and very reasonable price!   07-IMG_9551 We had a table seat at first, however, we changed it to a counter by the window to see a street view. Looking at outside having a breakfast is good for thinking about something. We recommend you to have a seat if you visit here alone.   01-喫茶アマゾン Actually our friend told us, "Try their sandwich! It's delicious!", so we looked into the menu and it showed variety of sandwich there and absolutely they all looked great. Since we had a breakfast set already, we should definitely try their sandwich next time for sure.     09-IMG_9561 The first floor was full of local customers when we left the coffee shop. When you try to have a seat on the first floor, even though it is the first time for you, you might be able to feel like as if you were one of the local people. We are sure that it takes some courage to do that though.     'cafe Amazon' is the place to see a daily life of Kyoto and love by local customers. English menu, Free wifi, very generous to every traveler.   If you happen to stay somewhere around or pass by, please drop in on this coffee shop.   11-IMG_9565 【Shop Information】 ADDRESS : 235 Sayamachi Dori Shichijo agaru Shimohorizume-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto-city HOURS : 7:30 a.m. ~ 6:30 p.m. CLOSED : Thursday Smoking is allowing in all seats / no parking lot / English menu available / Free Wifi