Grill Fukuya

Classic western restaurant loved in Kagai (Kyoto's geisha district)

Grill Fukuya's history goes back over 100 years to 1907 in Miyagawacho, one of the Gokagai (five geisha districts) in Kyoto. Their modest presence is such that you might even pass over it if you are not cautious. But once you step in and experience their service, you will surely understand why it has been loved by the Maiko (young geisha), Kabuki actors and the locals.


Kyoumaru-uchiwa (leaf fans commonly used by Maiko and Geisha) is the proof of their loyalty.


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Popular Yoshoku Bento (regular size: ¥1,360, with Aka dashi miso soup)
Meatloaf, deep fried shrimp, fish fritto and pork fillet cutlet.
Perfect both for lunch and dinner. It is cooked in a size that Maiko ladies will not have to open a wide mouth to bite in.

Each items are our all-time favorite, yet fitting into a single lavish bento box.
They are all top 5 favorite dish at home, especially for guys, it is like a movie with many gorgeous actresses. It just makes us thrilled.

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The quality beats the looks. Each pieces are delicious. For those worrying about too many fried food, you will be shocked how lightly it goes down to your stomach. I enjoyed this bento imagining how Maiko and Geisha ladies will be saved from their physical and mental fatigue after series of everyday hard lessons.

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Regular customers started to gather as the day falls dark.

The staff greet them warmly in a short conversation. She must be like a mother to young Maiko who is living away from home.... there I go again, exaggerating.
Although the food itself is fancier than what we usually have at home, like Fukuya rice, Deep fried shrimp sandwich, the warm personality of the staff makes you feel like at a relative's home. I guess this is why it has been loved by the people for more than 100 years.

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<Grill Fukuya>
Address: 5-341 Miyagawasuji, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto (map)
Phone: +81(0)75-561-2980
Hours: 12:00-22:00
Closed: Thursday