Sakura Bar

The first time I hear of Sakura Bar in Yamato Ooji Gojo, I thought... how could there be a bar in such place? What's more, what would a bar named Sakura could have? Living in the northern part of Kyoto city, the only eat-and-drinkable place in the area anywhere south from Sijo was around the Kyoto Station to me.  My dubious visit first found nothing that can be called a bar (or maybe I just couldn't find one by myself), except for one. Bright illumination signboard had been striking out 'Aji no Izakaya Sakura Bar' in the middle of dark street.


Izakaya, meaning Japanese-style bar. 

In contrast to the lonely street, inside was full of noise. I was glad I had made reservation. Long list of today's special, pasted above our heads all looks so tempting.


Having visited with three other guy friends, we ordered whatever that our mouth craved for. Announcing the results first, everything was a hit! Spicy bean sprout namul, fried sardine, corn tempura, airy Japanese-style rolled omelette, pasta style udon, buttered clam... No need to go on, right? The entire izakaya spirit grabbed our hearts and stomach. There is more to explore about the night dining in Kyoto, indeed.


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Tourists staying at nearby guesthouse. Good food always brings people together!

Sakura Bar
Address: 376 Yamato Ooji Dori Gojo Agaru Yamazakimachi, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto (map)
Phone: +81(0)75-531-1664
Closed: Sunday
Hours: 17:30-25:00(L.O.24:30)
No English / Reservation Required