Myoudai Omen Ginkakuji Honten

Enjoy udon made from 100% Japanese flour and awesome set of yakumi (spices dedicated for udon), right near Ginkakuji.

Haven't you ever yearned for a 'light meal' for lunch during traveling? Well, you can find a traditional udon shop 'Omen' near Ginkakuji perfect for such desire.

It is always crowed with international and domestic tourists, students on school trip, family and more.

The moment you step in, the first thing to greet you is busy staffs calling to each other asking more yakumi, just like this... 'yakumi onegai shimasu!'

12-IMG_5517 08-IMG_5525

You will find out what it means when your order is brought in front of you.

The yakumi dishes comes in a whole series from Kinpira gobo (sauteed burdock root), daikon oroshi (grated radish), myoga (Japanese ginger), leaf vegetables, spring onion, fried egg plant, fried Manganji green pepper and sesame.

You share this with others at the table and enjoy your udon.

Tempura set and Soba zushi set also look fulfilling. Appetizer and local sake also complement the alluring menu.

07-IMG_9965 06-IMG_9966

There are two other restaurants in Kyoto as well as one more in New York. You can even buy udon, chirimen sansho (boiled & dried baby sardines with Chinese pepper) and other ingredients to enjoy Omen at home.


No matter how exhausted you are, never give up a descent lunch! A good meal is all it takes to rejuvenate you to seek another sight-seeing spot.



<Myoudai Omen Ginkakuji Honten>
Address: Bus Pool South Ginkakuji, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto (map)
Phone: +81(0)75-771-8994
Hours: 11:00-21:00  (L.O 20:30)
Seats: 1F zashiki (Japanese style tatami space) 34 seats, counter 8 seats; 2F table 40 seats
Language: N/A
Car: Customers parking lot
Credit card: Acceptable
Non Smoking