Kodaiji Rakusho

Pamper yourself with exquisite Kusa warabi mochi and traditional Japanese garden

You can enjoy the essence of Kyoto by just strolling down the path to Yasaka Jinja from Kiyomizu-dera through Sannennzaka and Ninenzaka, where it is connected to Kodaiji and to Ishibekoji. You can also find Rakusho, popular cafe for its Kusa warabi mochi (bracken starch dumpling covered with green tea powder).



The cafe welcomes you with a neatly fixed pine tree exterior, then the gorgeous Japanese garden inside. Walking down the hall to your seats, a glance at the garden will surly make you will feel like visiting a noble residence. There are variety of menu besides warabi mochi, such as Yokan (bar of sweet red beans).


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The view from the grilled window and tender sweets will melt away your fatigue from walking around sightseeing. Its location and view is worth visiting so do put here on your list when visiting Kyoto.


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Warabi mochi made with fine green tea powder by Uji Koyamaen. (¥750)
Silky at first, melting away the next second. Modest sweetness yet rich taste. This IS the real warabi mochi!


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<Kodaiji Rakusho>
Address: 516 516 Washiocho, Kodaiji Kitamon Dori Shimokawara Higashi Iru, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto (map)
Phone: +81(0)75-561-6892
Hours: 9:30-18:00 (Irregular holidays)
Credit Card: Not acceptable
Language: Japanese menu only
Website: http://www.rakusyou.co.jp/