Amato Yajikita

Famous as Japan's richest Uji Shiratama Kintoki (shaved ice flavored with Uji green tea topped with sweet red kidney beans and glutinous rice balls) 

In an extraordinary hot Kyoto summer, Kakigori (shaved ice) cafe appears like a dazzling savior in an oasis.


You will find yourself in one of those oasis-cafes down the busy street of  Shijo Kawaramachi.



They originally started their business at Kawaramachi Takoyakushi area in 1948. Since 2004, they moved to the present location. Now they lure many people queuing to get the 'Japan's richest Ujikintoki' in summer.

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Maccha Shiratama Kintoki (Photo is with optional ice cream / ¥850)
You can order your Uji Kori with optional ice cream, milk or even both for additional price.

06-IMG_4757Bitterness standing out from the real green tea makes it a 'Kakigori for the adults' unlike the common sweet ones.
Optional ice cream and milk creates a bitter-sweet fusion. Digging into the ice, you will find a sweet red kidney beans that entertains you with its solid texture. Nonetheless, it matches perfectly with the green tea flavor.

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You can enjoy Kakigori throughout the year. There are other menus such as Kuri mochi (rice cake with sweetened chestnut) and Zenzai (sweet red bean soup). There should be many chances to pass by Sijo Kawaramachi so why don't you explore seasonal Japanese sweets according to your visiting season.


Address: 240-2 Sijo Kawaramachi kudaru Sansujime Higashi Iru Kitaichinomachi, Simogyo-ku, Kyoto
Phone: +81(0)75-351-0708
Hours: 11:30-19:00(L.O. 18:30)
Closed: Tuesday (if Tuesday is a public holiday, the following day)
Language: Japanese menu only
Credit card: Not acceptable
Car: No parking