Explore Kyoto in the 'usual' bowl.

Wherever I travel, I always feel attached to the simple food that the locals are eating in the local restaurants, not those neatly cooked dishes for tourists.


There is an antique area with a particularly mellow atmosphere down the Rokujo of Shinmachi.

Shofukutei standing next to Hakusan-yu, a huge sento (Japanese public bath), is a perfect place I would recommend to someone like me. Someone that is craving for a usual 'local taste'.



(Popular Fuku Soba: ¥780 / 2 Shrimps, spinach,  2 kamabokos (boiled fish sausage), cooked dried shiitake mushroom, simmered egg, yuzu slice all cooked in egg-drop soup)

Their history as a local restaurant goes down over 70 years despite moving their place. Their soup is just fascinating. Its fine sweetness and flavor will spread throughout the body.


Some menus are unpredictable just by their names. Haikara, Amakitsune, Kinugasa, Shippoku, Konoha, Keiran, Noppei, Age Curry to name a few.  Looking around, many of the regular customers tend to order set menu with don-buri (rice bowl dish).

You might get carried away and feel like you need to act like an expert, but no need for that. The new visitors are welcomed as well. Staffs friendly service will make you feel relaxed.

It is only about 15 minutes walk from Kyoto Station, which is an easy access not only for the tourists, but for business travelers as well.

Address: 891 Ushitoracho, Rokujo, Shinmachi-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto
Phone: +81(0)75-351-6111
Hours: 11:00-20:00
Close: Irregular holidays
Language: Japanese, English menu
Credit card: Not acceptable
Car: Visitors parking lot