Maeda Coffee, Kyoto Bunpaku Branch

06-IMG_989909-IMG_5787 Meet Kyoto's coffee culture cultivated for 40 years in an old bank vault from 100 years ago. One of Japan's prominent architecture is this former Kyoto Branch of Bank of Japan. Today it has become the Museum of Kyoto introducing our culture through various exhibitions and events. The former vault is now a cafe. 08-IMG_5784 12-IMG_5794 You can see that it had been a bank vault from the heavy and thick door, iron ceiling, double window exorcising the intruders. What is more, it is the person working here that keeps this cafe so attracting. 1-IMG_9893 That person is Mr. Takahiro Maeda, founder and present chairman of Maeda Coffee. After working for Inoda Coffee, another popular cafe in Kyoto, he set up his own small cafe of about 33 square meter in 1971. Now he has grown his business to 6 cafes in Kyoto.  You can meet him in person at Banpaku Branch where he actually is making coffee and leading the staffs. (For detail check here) Although I wanted to ask him why he is still working at the cafe after such a success, he seemed very busy with the customers coming in one after another. It seems that I may have a better chance during the short time right after the cafe opens at 10 am. 2-IMG_5196 Morning set / ¥680 (limited 20 orders per day) 4-前田珈琲 文博店 Lunch set (Amazingly reasonable price of ¥680 with classical meat sauce pasta, salad and coffee) Both morning and lunch set is served with carefully hand-dripped Maeda Coffee's original blend. Holidays are enjoyed here by mothers with children at the sofa, modest looking students and elegant madams in a group having sweets. There seems to be many fans coming for Maeda Coffee's sweets, which they persist in having them home made.   11-IMG_5789 10-IMG_5788 It probably is beyond the imagination to those who built this place as a bank vault. The former vault is now gradually cultivating itself with a quality moment by the hand of Mr. Maeda, the master of coffee culture in Kyoto. Address: 1F Museum of Kyoto annex building, 623-1 Takakura Dori Sanjo Agaru Higashikatamachi, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto Phone: +81(0)75-255-1221 Hours: 10:00-19:30 (L.O. 19:00) Closed: Monday (if Monday is a public holiday the next day), closed days of the Museum Terrace seats available