Rakusai Bamboo Park, Kyoto City

Breathtaking bamboo world in western Kyoto Bamboo has long been utilized in our lives for its vitality, strength and ease of processing. Ooeda Ooharano district in Rakusai is known for its bamboo production. Although there still remains much area left for bamboo, the New Town development project in the 1970's has taken away considerable amount of land.   01-IMG_9607



People stood up to preserve the remaining bamboo forest, and built the Bamboo Park as one of the memorial project of New Town. The park is landscaped with bamboo plants and leaves for visitors to enjoy strolling around.


Around 110 different bamboos are planted including rare species that are special in Kyoto like heterocycla, black bamboo and national monument kinmeimokusou. It is one of a kind park that you can enjoy looking around at rare and beautiful bamboo.

Heterocycla which is planted at the entrance will break your preconception that bamboo grows straight. Having grown unfamiliar with such bamboo, I was simply shocked.



The path surrounded by bamboo is enjoyable just by walking.


08-IMG_9622 29-IMG_9684

Besides the garden, you can also enjoy exhibits about the history of human and bamboo as well as shopping for bamboo made products. There is also historical stone bridge and stone statue related to Onin War (1467-77).


You need to drive a car or ride a bus to there, but it is a park worth for the trip.


28-IMG_9682 'We found a unique bamboo', a friendly info from the Park's side.

Killer phrase that makes you want to grab and buy it, 'Nap revolution. No more sleepless moments! Nice and cool. Bamboo pillow'.

31-IMG_9692 Address: 2-300-3 Ooeda Kitafuku Nishimachi, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto Hours: 9:00-17:00 (admission until 16:00) Closed: Wednesday, December 29 to January 3 Entrance fee: Free Phone: +81(0)75-331-3821 Car: 3 bus spaces, 22 space for car (free) Access: City bus (Nishi 8 rout) 5 minutes' walk from Minamifukunshicho stop