Enjoy blessing products from Kyoto Nishiyama, to and from Yoshiminedera

Autumn leaves, spring sakura, summer hydrangea... You can enjoy the four seasons in where it is embraced by the nature of surrounding mountains. On the way up to that temple and next to the symbolic tall wooden Kannon statue is the restaurant . You can enjoy seasonal products from the mountain in an affordable price.

  16-IMG_5040 04-IMG_5023 Not only the Kannon statue, but also the interior is furnished with woods. Looking carefully, most of the tables are made from a single piece of wooden board. I can their aura and special privilege of locating in the midst of rich mountain.   03-IMG_5021 At the center of the restaurant is a huge root of Japanese zelkova that is about 3 meters long and 300 years old. It is said to have been given to the founder of this restaurant, Taro Yamada, from Kyoto Imperial Palace. I have no doubt that such a big piece is rare and valuable. 09-IMG_5033 Yamatoro set (¥1,400) Soba with grated home-grown yam potato complemented by homemade pickles, bamboo sprout, mountain vegetable and tofu. 06-IMG_5026 Soba can be enjoyed in many ways. First with the soup, then with grated yam, then comes the egg... I just feel so blessed with the perfect match. You can enjoy seasonal sets such as Bamboo sprout sashimi set (¥2,300) in the spring and Matsutake mushroom rice set (¥1,700) in the autumn. And of course, there are other menu besides set order as well. It is also grateful that they are open even during the off tourists season. 14-IMG_5038 They also sell homemade pickles, so I recommend stopping by on your way back from Yoshiminedera. 01-IMG_5018 Address: 703 Oharano Oshiocho, Nishikyo-ku, Kyoto Phone: +81(0)75-331-5521 Hours: 9:00-17:00 Closed: Tuesday Website: http://www.yoshiminenosato.com/ Language: Japanese menu only Car: Customers Parking lot