Nakamura Tokichi main store


It doesn't take any minutes to get there from JR Uji station. What you can see at their entrance is a dignified curtain with a huge dyed logo says, 'Maruto' (circle & ten). Old tea store which was established in 1854 started a business of Japanese traditional cafe in their site more than 10 years ago. It becomes a popular store of established reputation because of their quality taste and formal elegant look of the old store.


'Namacha Jelly' is the most popular dessert since the opening (¥740). Cold and cool-looking green bamboo container has a decent visual maccha ice cream, rice flour dumplings, red beans paste and maccha jelly is hiding underneath of them. You might say, "I'm so happy!" once you deliver a scoop of jiggly maccha jelly into your month. They have Byodoin branch on Byodoin Omote-sando and Kyoto branch at JR Kyoto station SUVACO, but a bamboo container is only served for this main store, so you might feel something special here.



At this Japanese modern cafe, they have formal courtyard garden and terrace seats which you can see 250 year-old Japanese black pine 'Hourai-Funamatsu' having looked after Nakamura family for a long period. If it is a good season, you might want to take a seat here.

Even though they are very much popular store that has a form of line in the every early morning, not only tourists, but also there are so many local fans in Uji and Kyoto because of their quality and service which have never changed since the beginning. Recently a shopping corner is getting wider and comfortable after refurbishing the head store little by little. They have bilingual staffs there, so you won't have any problems to communicate for whatever you want to know.


At this corner, besides all the tea leaves including a brand tea 'Nakamura-cha', they sell so many desserts such as Namacha jelly for take out. Regardless of a waiting line, you would like to have some times to enjoy fully at this place.


【Shop Information】

<Nakamura Toukichi main store>

ADDRESS : 10 Uji-ichiban, Uji city (MAP)

PHONE : +81(0)774-22-7800

HOURS : 10:00 a.m. ~ 5:30 p.m. (Cafe : 11:00 a.m. ~ 5:00 p.m. LO)

※Times are variable depending on a season.

CLOSED : Open throughout the year.

CREDIT CARD : Acceptable