Kyoto Sanjokai Shotengai


The total length is about 800m. The longest shopping arcade in Kyoto.

If you want to know about Kyoto, you might take a walk around in shopping arcade. 'Kyoto Sanjokai Shotengai" has 800m length of the biggest shopping arcade in west Japan from Horikawa-Dori to Senbon-Dori.


It's well known for 'the city of 365 sunny days' and this is the 'city' for students going to school, runners training themselves (it seems like a gold medalist used to train himself here) and so many people passing through.

In the arcade, there are fish stores, fruit stores, and unchanged old stores left, and refurbished cafes, general stores and hair salons opens recently, younger creators hang around at shared studio.

The annual Tanabata night market held on first Saturday in July is the first night market in any shopping districts in Kyoto city and it tells us the summer has come. Nijo-jo Castle, Shinsen-en Temple, Nijo-jinya, and Takenobu Inari shrine are around.

Inside of shopping arcade, there is Yasaka shrine Matatabi-sha which is the birthplace of Gion festival and when the festival happens, portable shrines come through here with full of energies.

People say that the shopping arcade is out of fashion in these days, but we want you to walk around and feel something warm they have and it is totally worth to see things like that.


【Arcade Information】

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ADDRESS : 1-1 Imashinzaike Nishi-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto city (MAP)