Created from connection with people, creating new connections Veggies, drink and music


Gojo in Teramachi, where it is close from the Gojo Ohashi is a place where you can enjoy vegetable, drinks and sometimes even live music. It is Moshimo-ya.



Last time I came it was already late into the night so I only had some drinks. In that short stay, I noticed that customers seemed relaxed with each others' company and that the food looked so good. So this time, I went with a hungry stomach, alone.



Ms. Kanami, the owner.


'I am so hungry' I told. 'Then, how about a set meal with many small dishes?' came back, so I decided to have that Yoru teishoku (dinner set).


This day, the main was pork ginger saute, and it came with whole lots of veggies. The vegetables, which this restaurant is popular for, is coming directly from the farm of the owner's friend.


Ingredients tastes each stands out in every dish.

All the food in this set were so delicious. The zucchini variety fritto that the person sitting next to me ordered sounded good so I should try them the next time.


Today's menu. Could be considered both as an appetizer and as proper meal with rice.


Sitting at the counter seat makes it easy to start a conversation with others. Even though it is the first time we meet each other, it feels as though we have met before. There are people that end up staying long despite coming in thinking of a quick meal. Yes, why not?



The space is also interesting. The back space of first floor becomes the stage during live performance. The open ceiling space on the second floor becomes the gallery. There are many places that does business in machiya (townhouse) in Kyoto, but this is not just 'nicely classic', there is more to its taste.


Wanting to understand about this place, why the atmosphere and the people gathered here are so amazing, I asked few questions.


The building.

This used to be a popular bar called cafe'n bar Paraiso until 2013. Ms. Kanami had been doing catering business under the name Kodar Shokudo and had been delivering her food for lunch.



'I took over this place where it had been used as a bar, almost without changing anything' she says.

Ii is not simply just a lucky happening, but more to the precious connection and for the fact that the good relationship had created Moshimo-ya.



The star of Moshimo-ya, vegetable. It happens that she has a farmer friend and that is why there are so many veggies used in the menu.


A good relationship supports good food, drink and music. A good atmosphere creates more connection.08-IMG_5740

Despite people having different backgrounds, Ms. Kanami bundles it all up together here with her food. It is as simple as that. Moshimo-ya feels like going back to a familiar place, and I am indeed thinking about this place so often. 15-IMG_5693 Address: 771-1 Teramachi Gojyo Agaru Nishi Hashidumecho, Simogyo-ku, Kyoto Phone: +81(0)75-748-1181 Hours: 17:30-23:00 Lunch: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 11:30-14:30 Closed: Monday, other irregular days Website: Facebook:もしも屋/520974604656930 Twitter: